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    Good Product

    I bought this just this past week at the Apple Store and have gone out for about 6-7 runs with it now. I was discouraged by all of the negative reviews that I saw, and was hesitant about getting it. I was deciding between this one and the Belkin armband which goes for the same price, and I decided on this one because it's supposed to be washable and it had a smaller packaging; but I otherwise don't really think there's a huge difference between the two products anyways.

    In my experience with this so far, I've really liked it. I use it with my iPhone 4, and I put the headphone jack facing down my arm (away from my shoulder); I have a short headphone cord, so it works great with this armband. The plastic on the front of the case feels a bit weird to use, but I can control the Nike+ app on this without any problems while running.

    Some sweat gets through the case while running, but I don't think it's really enough to cause water damage and it shouldn't be that much of a concern. The lack of elasticity for the armband may pose a problem to some people also, but I'm a medium-to-heavy build guy (5'11", ~200 lbs) and don't experience any issues with tightness around my arms. It feels quite comfortable to me while running and I wear it underneath my sleeve.

    Overall, I think it's a good product that's worth the money I paid for it. Don't be too deterred by all the negative reviews, but I would keep them in mind. I'm sure it could have been made better, but as long as it holds my iPhone while I'm running, I'm satisfied.

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Great purchase:)

    Purchased this armband for the gym and I must say it is simply the best case by far! Only piece I find a bit annoying is the part where your head phones loop on.

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Great for Working Out

    I purchased this to avoid dropping my iPhone 4 while on the treadmill at & after a month of use, I love it. My arms are a bit more lean than body builder-muscular & the strap adjustment holds my iPhone in place perfectly. I will say, my movements while strapped in are very steady & paced- I rarely do any type of hard core running but in my experience the item has worked great. Considering that you might do more running than me- you can always try the product & return after 30-days if anything. It's sleek, matches my gym get-ups & fits comfortably on my arm.

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