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    Works great!

    My boyfriend got this for me as a gift and I love it! I use it with my iPhone 4 when I run and in the gym. I have very small arms and it stays on well and is very comfortable (not stiff at all), i hardly notice it and can even lift weights with it on. I just took it to mexico and it survived the sand, hot sun, and sweat from my runs on the beach. I recommend it!

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    Works great for me!

    I was a bit nervous after all the other poor reviews, but having loved the other cases I've bought from Incase I thought I would give this a try.

    So far I'm very happy. The case stays on my arm very comfortably, and I haven't had any of the cracking issues that other reviews have mentioned. I don't use the cable management thing though - I just run the cable through my sleeve and leave any excess inside my t-shirt. Works perfectly!

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    Awesome armband !

    I've been using this now for a month and had no issues with the armband itself or it messing up my iphone 4 in any way , I love the cord management system along with the material the whole armband is made of and it really works awesome . Whats really cool is to use this in conjunction with the HD S9 ROKR headphones which just sweetens the setup , I've tried a few armbands and some were ok and some I didn't care much for but this one is a must buy !

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    Armband for iPhone

    I LOVE this product. I use it for inline skating and it is the best way to carry your iPhone for the music & GPS program monitoring. I don't wear headphones when I'm skating so if I had any complaint at all it's that the sound doesn't always carry through the case. But I would highly recommend this product. I actually own 2 of them because I liked the first one so much I purchased a spare.

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