• 3.0 out of 5 stars

    Works but slightly lacking in audio quality

    I've been using this device for just over a year now. It works as advertised, but I never use the hands free calling. Tested it a few times and caller complained about noise. Also for whatever reason Siri sounds terrible and distorted.

    I give it 3 stars because of convenience factor. It is nice to get in the car and tap a button and music starts. I just recently switched to Apple's lightning to 30-pin adapter cable and am back to using my old aux-in cable I used on my older iPhones (4S and older) with 30-pin connectors. I definitely notice audio degradation when I use this device via Bluetooth versus when I use my old 30-pin to aux in cable.

    Bluetooth seems to sap the bass significantly and I have to turn up the car stereo more to account for loss of volume too. Bass is much fuller when I do audio via cable. I have no idea if this issue is solely due to this receiver or due to Bluetooth audio from the phone simply being worse, but in either case it is noticeable.

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  • 3.0 out of 5 stars

    echo on the other end of the line

    Good product. But the problemm is that ther is a awfull echo. People who call me hears themselves. How can i fix it?

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  • 3.0 out of 5 stars

    Works well with some drawbacks

    The product works just like expected in my 2008 kia spectra5. However, I can clearly tell a drop in audio quality. It is not unusable, and I still use the system, but the lows are really cut out. The whole sound is a bit tinny, but on a lower end stock system, its not that big a deal. The next problem is that it suffers badly in my car from ground loop interference. A simple ground loop isolater solved that problem but before it was installed the high pitched whine gave me a headache.

    Overall I would recommend it to people with stock systems who are not huge audiophiles and willing to connect a ground loop isolater in there somewhere.

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  • 3.0 out of 5 stars

    Works well, Sounds like CRP

    everything works as it is supposed to. but as with most other Iphone Bluetooth accessories, it sounds like crp. No base what so ever, even in Bass Boost mode. I still recommend it for those who want the wireless convenience over sound quality.

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  • 3.0 out of 5 stars

    Missing some points..

    The double tap feature to switch tracks does not work with iPhone4..
    That was really too bad to find out, since that was a big feature for me as I hate to have to double tap the home screen button and look for the little forward arrow while i'm driving.

    There is a crackling noise that another reviewer mentioned which is a little annoying. For me it is only when using it with telephone, not while playing music (otherwise it would be a total deal breaker). The people I have spoken to say they hear a lot of static.

    Otherwise really great little device that makes using my iphone for music in the car very convenient..

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  • 3.0 out of 5 stars

    So close yet so far

    Bought this in lieu of the Magellan Premium Car Kit for a bluetooth phone and audio solution (along with a window mount).
    Phone function works perfectly. No complaints from either end of the line.
    Audio: there is a distinctly noticeable crackling noise around the mid to treble range. I don't know if this is my iPhone 3G or this unit, but considering another reviewer had similar problems, I'm going to say it's this unit. I will try various methods to improve this audio quality for one week. I may have to return and get the Magellan (which has problems of its own, it seems).

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