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    The product concept is great, however it does not work well. After the setup, which went 1-2-3 with the 4S, I made a call and all you could here was an echo on the receiving end. I was able to hear everything fine, but it was so unbearable on the other end that we had to end the call. Tried calling two other number(land line and cell) and still had the same issue. Had the volume on my phone all the way up. Not sure if there is a fix for this issue, but I just picked this up yesterday, and will be bringing it back today. Highly disappointing after seeing all the good reviews, and I do hope that there is a fix.

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    Good idea

    It's a great way of connecting, but mine does not always work right.
    It would be perfect if it did.

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    Great idea poorly executed

    I have been looking for a solution for my 2006 BMW 325i which cannot be retrofitted with OEM bluetooth. I want to be able to make hands free calls that don't suffer from echo or poor sound quality, like I get if I use speakerphone or my car's aux-in. I imagined this would be perfect if I paired it with a splitter to let me do aux-in music as well. I use an iPhone 4 as well as an iPod Classic.

    I love the idea for this. Very simple, minimalist design. One big button for everything. Comes with a USB charger for your phone, too.

    Unfortunately, the functions written in the manual rarely work as described. For voice activation you're supposed to hold the button down until you hear the voice prompt (manual says this should be ~1 second). However, every single time I try this, I wait for about five or six seconds, and instead of getting a voice prompt, the Bluetooth unit just shuts off. I can inconsistantly get the voice prompt to occur if I hold the button down for a few seconds and guess at when I should release, but it is completely unreliable.

    There is also an unreasonable delay between pressing the button and having the phone respond. I understand a delay is inherent in Bluetooth, but not to this degree. I'll double tap the button (as described in the manual) to skip to the next song, and instead of getting the proper reaction, the music pauses after a few seconds, and sometimes comes back on after a few seconds more.

    There are a bunch of other little quirks that I was not thrilled about.

    I will be returning this for a refund. Belkin, you had a great idea, but you need to seriously refine the operation of this unit.

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