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    Belkin Hits A Homerun

    This accessory has made driving in my car an absolute joy. The music is full range, calls are clear, and the person on the other end of the line can hear me great. The added bonus is Siri! Once installed you now have hands free Siri. Just hold the button for 3 seconds and your ready to give you commands to Siri. Well done Belkin.

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    Works perfectly!

    I love being able to play music in my car through the Aux connection without plugging in my iPhone 5.

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    Awesome Product

    Bought this for our 2009 Hyundai Santa FE Limited Edition. Easy setup, great quality audio, and the blue ring is actually a perfect match for the stereo/lights in our truck. Only niggle would be that the cord is extremely long. Should be two cords, one short and one long. Other than that, works great!

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    Sounds Great for Music!

    I bought this because I'm sick of plugging in to a wired auxiliary connection. I can't tell a difference in the audio quality (wired vs this Bluetooth), and I'd say I have pretty good taste in audio. I saw a review from an audio engineer who recommended this product; I'd say his was a very good review. I put off buying this for a year because I was worried it would sound like the old FM transmitters. Thankfully, it sounds like its plugged straight in. Pairing seems easy enough, setup was fine (I have an RCA aux input on my Pioneer CD Player), plenty of extra wire which I just tucked away. I haven't tried the skip and other features, or attempted a phone call using this device. But I have a Bluetooth headset, so I'm not really concerned about the possibility of hearing an echo on a phone call (which seems pretty likely, but again, untested with this device.)

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    best solution for bluetooth audio + phone functionality on the market

    Bought the air cast because it "just made sense" to me as a technician/audio engineer. Wasn't disappointed. Audio quality is near indiscernible from straight aux plug-in (i'm an audio engineer.. i would know!). Transistions between phone, music, music-control is seamless and simple.

    Next track does work - you just have to get the timing right - and you don't' always get it right. it just takes a couple tries and you get it. Hardly that much of a pain!.. just *tap* slight pause *tap*. No "back to beginning" or "previous track" command though which is too bad.

    My first AirCast broke down after 6 mos (but probably more a function of the cable getting pinched too hard too many times from my center console (where the power/aux plug is) to the front dashboard where i place the mic/bluetooth receiver. I tried other products to see if any were better ~ and none of them came close . So I bought a 2nd AirCast and am babying it this time to make sure it lasts me a long long time.

    Trust me.. you aren't going to find one that sounds this good, and is this versatile, and is this easy to use on the market.

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    My Alpine receiver is showing it's age (2004), and after trying their proprietary Bluetooth enabler with negative results, I gave this guy a try. Within 15 minutes I was up and running (Using a Monster RCA-1/8" jack coming from the AUX port). My friends are impressed with the sound quality and I am happy with the price.

    The only downfall is the mic. It's horrid. I don't even attempt to answer calls with the Aircast anymore.

    That's what my Bose Bluetooth earpiece is for :)

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    Works great. I have Ford SYNC, and it is too buggy and frustrating. This solves my music enjoyment issues I have with SYNC.

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    Best accessory ever.

    It does everything it says it does. I love how I can leave my iPhone 4 in my pocket, and listen to my iTunes or Spotify playlists by only pushing one button.

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    Perfect tool for my car, neat and makes the use of my iPhone super easy

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    Works for all with AUX.

    This is the product that I was looking for while. It plays the music from my iPhone4 through Bluetooth. The sound quality is great; you cannot tell the difference between directly wire input and Bluetooth Stream. Installation takes 1 minute, and very easy. I can also answer incoming calls by pressing the Belkin. The voices are clear on both sides. It works for iPad as well with great sound quality. So, kids can play movie using the car audio. This is a good product that links my phone and car audio; and much better than FM transmitter. Now I don’t have to trade in my car…

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    iphone + aux in = get this adapter (for calls or music)

    In short: it does what it says and it does it very well. I can barely fault it.

    I'm using with an iphone 4S, IOS 5.0.1. Here's a longer run down of what it does an how it does it:
    (I've put in a bit of detail because the instructions for use aren't great)

    Pairing - no problems. very simple instructions
    Connecting - Need to press Aircast button to pair after switching on the car. Pairing is quick.
    Music - Short press to get last track to play/pause. Short press + 2 second press to go to next track. The sound quality for music is much better than I expected. I've tried other Bluetooth and FM adapters for music and have always been disappointed by the quality.
    Siri - 2 second press to fire up Siri and ask her whatever stupid request you've got.
    Calls - Use Siri or phone controls to dial. Call quality was very good at both ends.

    - Siri volume is too loud, and a little distorted. I'd say this is a phone issue though.
    - I need to speak louder for Siri to register than I do for calls
    - RRP $ is a bit too much.

    - make sure your iphone volume is all the way up. adjust using car stereo volume.
    - the wires for the aircast are really thin which makes it easy to squeeze into joins/cracks of the dash or hide how you like. Included extension cable is handy, if you need it.

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    It just works! Easy to setup, sound quality is exceptional (calls and music) and yes, skip does work! Recommend it 100%!

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    Great Product.

    LOVE IT. Works great. Love that it takes calls and streams music.

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    What a surprise!

    I just bought a 2011 Toyota Tacoma and was anxious to link up my iPhone 4 so I could enjoy my music while on the road. I was totally skeptical when I purchased this because it seems like every product I have purchased in the past having to do with connecting my iPhone to my car stereo speakers has been "ok" at best. I've tried numerous FM transmitters and none were worth keeping. (I had a 2007 Toyota Tacoma previously and it did not come equipped with an AUX port or iPod connection. My new Tacoma has an AUX port.) This thing is unbelievable! The audio quality is crystal clear. It is as good as streaming my computer through my Apple TV at home. I am very impressed and quite pleasantly surprised. I recommend this to everyone. Especially if you're a proud Taco owner!

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    Simply Awesome - Double Tap does work iP4

    Hi all, got this today and it works amazing. I will test over time to see if it meets all my needs, but so far so good. The Double Tap does work for skipping songs on the iPhone4. Like another user said earlier on this product, don't do a quick double tap. Do a simple tap, pause .5 seconds, and do it again. Voila! That's the best part, I think. Now my wife can leave her phone in her purse too, and not have to fumble for it to skip a terrible song. Love it!

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    Great Product!!!

    I have been regretting not having purchase a hands-free system with my car... until Father's Day, when I got my Belkin Aircast!!
    It does everything it says it should, and does it really well.
    Conversations are great over the BT, sound is great for music, starts right where the music was left off....
    No complaints whatsoever. Completely satisfied!

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars


    This product 'just works' - similar to Apple products. Works great with my iPhone4 and iPad2. Easy to install, easy to set up. The mic can be located virtually anywhere in the car and picks up your voice just fine. Great quality music over bluetooth. The only disadvantage I can see is that the unit does not auto power on when you start the car - you have to tap the button. Not a big deal, still 5 stars from me. Highly recommended.

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    Track skip DOES work!

    To all of you who have stated that track skip does not work, the trick is to not double press to go forward too quickly. If you press DA_DA rather than d-da, so a small gap in between, it will work. Trust me, I use this method all the time.

    No issues with my unit either, but placing circular receiver carefully will pay dividends for interference avoidance on phone calls. Some modern cars have electronics in the cabin which will interefere with the bluetooth bandwidth. Take your walkabout landline in the car, turn down the car stereo and listen to your cellphone through the landline phone, moving receiver to optimum position for accessibility and interference.

    Music over A2DP Bluetooth in Volvo C30 High Performance Audio is very acceptable indeed.
    Hope this all helps.

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    Exactly what I wanted

    This product works 100% how I was hoping it would. My car is already equipped with bluetooth call integration, so I wanted a bluetooth adapter that would solely stream audio from my iPhone 4 to the stereo. Not only is the audio quality near-perfect, I can still use the built-in bluetooth in my car to handle calls, while using the AirCast for audio. The tiny adapter stays neatly hidden away in the center console and pairs quickly. I can't comment on how well the AirCast handles phone calls, but I would definitely recommend this product to anyone who wants a quick, neat and convenient way to stream bluetooth audio on the go.

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    Sounds Awesome

    Hooked this up to my 2007 Honda Civic Hybrid with my iPhone and it sounds great with both calls and (especially) audio. This is the third bluetooth option I have tried for audio through my speakers with stock stereo.. This is the FIRST of those options that produced ZERO static. HIGHLY recommended!

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