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    Unacceptable microphone

    This device does not work as a hands free device. The sound quality on the receiving end is so poor that the other party needs to concentrate very hard to understand the words. I have a 2009 Subaru Forester and it is not excessively noisy. Not recommended for hands free.

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    Nothing but problems

    1) Fails to reconnect to the phone. Need to spend about 3-5 minutes in the car getting the thing to talk to the phone again, every time, constantly pressing and repressing the big button. Until finally after one week it just stopped communicating a BlueTooth signal at all.

    2) Does not support voice control (i.e.: hold down the button for a voice control prompt)

    3) Gets VERY hot very fast. Not sure why this thing needs to be cooking hot? No in-ear bluetooth unit I have ever used got hot.


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    Static noise

    I bought it and return it in few minutes. A lot of static noise on my Prius 2007 so I change it for the griffin one. Clear sound without static noises but I return that one because of the distortion on high frequencies.

    A2DP is not ready yet for the iPhone

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