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    Definitely a Fantastic Mic - but be forwarned

    • Written by from Kansas City

    The sound of this mic is awesome. Balanced, and just over all pleasing. There are a couple things to note though. It does not come with a case and I cannot find one for purchase from blue. So carting this thing around is not a good idea.

    The other issue is the level control. The digital in and out takes some tweaking. For instance on my mac I have to go into the audio midi controls every time I use it and adjust the volume for the output there. The knob on the front of the mic is buggy and inaccurate. Don't let this persuade you to buy a different mic though. It is easily dealt with by using the audio control panel on your computer.

    The final thing is either great or not so great depending on what you're doing. The mic is sensitive. If you running an AC, a TV downstairs, have birds chirping outside, heavy breathing, hard drives humming, anything at all... IT WILL PICK IT UP. If used for basic podcasting it's fantastic but if you want to record serious tracks with it you better get somewhere quiet.

    Overall this mic has been wonderful and easy to use. The 192k out makes a huge difference when listening back to your Itunes or recorded stuff.

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