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    Best Consumer Mic

    • Written by from Rehoboth

    Looking to record some music demos or supplementary audio on a budget? A few hundred dollars sounds like a lot but this mic is totally worth purchase price on the consumer level.

    For podcasting, there is no where else to look. This is the mic to get, it allows for digital or analog connection and has multiple mic styles to allow for roundtable discussion, interview style bi-direction, basic cardoid, and even true, analog L-R stereo (Think the pan effect in Ozzy Osbourne's "Crazy Train").

    For those complaining about picking up outside audio, this is something typical of condenser microphones. You ALWAYS want to be in a quiet area when recording serious audio.

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    Didn't like it first, but love it now.

    • Written by from Camas

    I got this for a birthday present a month ago and I can now say I LOVE the product. I still have yet to get the shock mount shown in the pics to get a better angle. So you ask why I love it...well it's the highest quality mic for it's price I've ever heard! You can record absolutely anything you want on it and it handles vocals quite well. It's exactly what I wanted for the dual XLR and USB connections. Be sure when you order to get 2 regular XLR cables as the provided one is about 6 inches long so a joke. Also, be careful when you first plug into XLR to turn the gain all the way down as I made the mistake of shaking the whole house when I didn't, haha. Overall, amazing mic, worth the price.

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    Wonderful MIC! A real "studio-in-a-box"!

    • Written by from St-Constant

    I bought this MIC off the online Apple Store and first I was pleased to see it arriving so fast (3 business days) with free shipping! For $249, it is cheap compared to what you would need to buy.

    Once you install the driver, it works instantly! A little downside of the driver is that you have to go download it off the Blue Website (they should include it on a CD). Esthetically, it looks FANTASTIC on your desk. The conception is really sturdy and solid (weight is there to prove it).

    Now the sound! It sounds GREAT. A big problem I've had in the past with recording on a computer was having to remove the HISS in the back of the audio with the audio editing software. With this MIC you sound flat without any noise. This is a really sensitive microphone, so it's picking up EVERYTHING, so your studio must be quiet. You could use a portable soundproof chamber to help out.

    Finally, it is a great piece of sound equipement for the SEMI-PRO day-to-day applications.

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    • Written by from Otsego

    it's supercalafragalisticexpealadoushous

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