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    Pros are cons

    • Written by from Verden

    I have had a MBA for a couple of years and when connected to an external display I had the Mac sitting in front of the monitor. This allowed me to get the mac off to the side and out of the way, kinda. That being out of the way has become hindersome. It's not like a tower that you have access to your ports right in front, your ports are on both sides. Just something to consider.

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    An Owners Guide!! Re-purposing the box!

    • Written by from Sacramento

    I'll start by saying I love this device: it cleans up my bedside table and looks great. Very functional and excellent construction. But I cannot believe I paid this much for a stand. And I cannot believe Apple's marketing. They package this little guy elaborately, include an Owner's guide (place on desk; insert cord; stick in Mac Air) Wow very complicated. The owners manual says thank you on the front. I imagine, "Thank you for being dumb enough to fork over $40." And "re-purposing the box"!!

    I'll use it to preserve forever the receipt that testifies to my Mac-mania.

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