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    A Caution

    Four stars because it does what it is mainly supposed to do -- protect your keyboard, AND limit damage if any liquid or other stuff finds its way onto the keyboard and therefore seeping inside the laptop. However, there are two issues: One is that it leaves an imprint on the screen from all of the oil and whatever rubbing onto the key from your fingers when you close up your MBP. I remedy this, however, by placing a sheet of paper towel on top of the key cover before closing the laptop lid. Works a lot better, now. The second issue, though, is that I am pretty sure this rubber key cover makes my MBP run a lot hotter because it prevents air from circulating though the tiny, yet significant slits in between the keys. The internal fan kicks in when ever I have this cover on, but rarely, if ever, kicks in when I don't use it. So, I use it now and then, but mostly only if I am outside (I store in underneath my MBP in the case that I use for it) or in some sort of more 'risky' environment. It does feel good to type on, though.

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    Pretty good!

    Pros: Nice feel. Very light and thin. Feels good when typing too, though it takes a little getting used to.

    Cons: You can blow on the keyboard and it will come off (if that's an issue... personally not a big deal to me). Any liquid spill on any of the sides will still get under the protector and affect the keys, so just hope your spill is in the middle of the keyboard.

    Overall, it's a really neat product and I'm happy with the purchase. It definitely fits perfectly on my 2012 MBA 11", but it doesn't "seal" around the outside of its edges, though that's not what the product description says anyway.

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    Looks Real Nice With My Air!

    My only concern with this product was the fact that if i were to blow on my keyboard protector it would move...

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    does not work for new macbook air

    i bought this the other day for my new macbook air, the one that came out this past summer (2012) and the keyboard has been changed so this cover does not work. otherwise the keyboard protector seems great.

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