• 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Great Idea / Not a Perfect Match

    The idea here is great: We've all used a friend's MacBook at one point in time and gawked at the dirt left from the palms of your buddy's hands... GROSS! Of course you don't want the same when you finally spend your life's savings to invest in MacBook. Hence the reason for this product.

    The color is not a match. It was a good attempt, but sadly it is a bit darker than the actual MacBook Air. I've noticed that when I put the Tech21 Case on my MacBook Air, part of the protective film bunched up on one of the clips of the case. Not a big deal, but I don't have the time to take it off and put it on another 40 times.

    As far as the trackpad protector: STEER CLEAR! It makes the response from the touchpad horrible. There are disconnects every few centimeters where the trackpad will not recognize the motion of your finger and the cursor will stop. I decided after putting it on to take it off and just use the Magic Mouse for tracking and cursor functions.

    Good idea, but probably unnecessary to buy.

  • 3.0 out of 5 stars

    3rd times the charm

    Purchased this for my 2014 mba. Parts of the palmrest and trackpad had bubbles! I re-applied making sure the bubbles were pushed out but after leaving on my desk for an hour i came back to more bubbles! After finally re applying for the 3rd time the bubbles went away. Kind of a hassle to have to reapply so many times, other than that its great!

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    Good but..

    with the touch click, you can't use that. I just removed the touch part after a couple of hours, it was soo horrible to use. But, the palm guard is ok, nice color and fit, no bubbles, you don't feel it.

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    Good fit, but

    The fit and finish of the product is very nicely done but there is a major problem with this product: If you like the tap to click feature like i do, then the trackpad protection is useless to you.

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    Very Good product

    Just bought this product and I am happy with the results. Installing was a breeze. However the claim of perfect color match is not accurate, it is slightly darker that the MBA but overall not a big deal. I would recommend not using the mouse guard because it completely removed the ability to tap, once its installed I had to enable press to click. So for those two things I will give it 4 stars.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Amazing PalmGuard

    This, and the Moshi 13" iGlaze Shell Case for MacBook Air, are must have items to protect your MBA!! I love the aluminum finish of the MBA and wanted to keep it in pristine condition. After reviewing several options on YouTube, I picked this up via the Apple online store. It is very easy to install (check some YouTube videos – hint: tape it to the keyboard for perfect alignment first, then remove the backing in two sections). The guard color matches the metal finish of the MBA perfectly.

    Note: I chose to NOT use the trackpad protector that is included as the trackpad protector is reported to diminish the sensitivity of the single tap function. The minimal width of the palmguard left me with no noticeable tactical difference and no issues with closing the case. However, the sensitivity issue of the trackpad protector appears to be universal and not specific to Moshi. Therefore, I still rated it 5 stars.

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    Amazing product!!

    I just bought a MacBook Air and I wanted something to cover the palm rest area because I've seen other MacBooks with brown palm rest areas and I did NOT want that to happen to mine. So I bought this along with it.. and it's amazing!! The color matches perfectly. Also, it was so easy to install! I was able to do it on my own and it is aligned perfectly. If you have any doubts.. BUY IT!!

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars


    Got this for my 13 in MacAir. Perfect fit, perfect color. Love it

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    Great product

    Matches the color of the Air very well. Much more comfortable to use and prevents all the dings from my watch or bracelet. I don't use the touchpad portion of this product. Doesn't interfere with the laptop closing at all.

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    A good accessory, but not perfectly color matched...

    The fit and finish of this product are outstanding. I had an aluminum PowerBook G4 that suffered from the dreaded "pitting" problem- I have a lot of acid in my sweat which ate through the aluminum, leaving "pits" in the surface. Naturally, I didn't want to take that chance with my new MacBook Air. The fit is perfect. It is not however, color matched- it is slightly darker, but does not take away from the overall look. It's also a good idea to apply this if others are going to try your laptop (and with a beautiful piece of kit like the MacBook Air, everyone will want to). I would always cringe when someone wearing a bracelet or watch would use my computer, but no longer! It does not impede the magnetic closure latch either- highly recommended. The slightly un-matched color is my only criticism.

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