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    Do not buy! Not up to speed with Apple products!

    Epson you have to write software to make this unit recognizable to airport extreme! For the last decade, Apple's philosophy has been to eliminate wires. Apple Phones and Computers communicate with stereos and printers, and each other, wirelessly, and effortlessly! Which makes this product seem primitive and out of place on the Apple website, since it will only work when hard patched directly to a single computer at a time, and cannot be networked wirelessly through airport extreme.

    If the product is going to be sold on Apple's website for use with Apple products, wouldn't it make sense to match it's aesthetic and performance with the products that it will be used with? This could have been a great product. But it seemed as though the design staff stepped out to lunch some time in the 1970's, and haven't returned since.

    What a piece of junk. If the software can't be brought up to modern times, it should be removed from the Apple store. Or at least sold with a warning - "This product will set your computer back a decade! It will undo all the things that made you chose to buy an Apple Computer in the first place! And it will punish you by taking a few hundred dollars in the process." Completely disappointing.

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    Awful Experience (new V370)

    After 3 tries with a different Epson V370 Scanner, I through in the towel and decided to no longer do business with them. It would never scan my color negatives correctly; if I tried to scan 4 or 5 frames, the photos would be split or divided with a bunch of partial pictures. They never could tell me why I couldn't get 4 or 5 complete frames, even after 2.5 hours on the phone with the technician.

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    Epson doesn't work well again

    Like many recent Epson products, this too, is a major disappointment. The software does not load properly nor does the scanner work easily. I will never buy another epson product.

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