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    Rough Start

    The Epson Perfection V600 Photo may eventually truly be "perfection," but, after three days of usage, I'm struggling. It arrives with two driver CDs and a warning not to use them. At the Epson website, I figured out how to download the scanner driver, but the site advises to go to PhotoShop and half a dozen other sites to get the rest of the utilities I paid Apple for--in other words, collect the rest of the software piecemeal. Nevertheless, I decided to dive in and start digitizing some of the photos that need no tweaking, and that's when I really got frustrated: The same steps yield different results!!! Place photo on screen, close top, push button = a great quality digital image of the photo. Yes! BUT, just as often, following those exact same steps with the exact same size and quality of original photo results in a digital image of what looks like a narrow, off-white column with a thumbnail version of the photo at the bottom. So, I look through the three, manual scanning modes to find that at least half the options are indecipherable. Epson-speak, perhaps. So, it's time to read the user's guide or owner's manual, right? Yeah, sure. Like so much else in the arrogant, squeeze-every-penny computer world, the Epson arrives without any instructions (except where to plug in the power cord and usb connection; the two things that really are intuitive). So, now I have to go back to the Epson site or call them and get an owner's manual. Then, of course, I have to go to all the other sites for all the other utilities--and user guides--for which I thought I had paid the Apple Store already. Instead of plug-and-play, this has turned out to be a do-it-yourself purchase.

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