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    Brilliant, but flawed

    • Written by from St Austell

    I've never heard my Telecaster sound so good; really lovely quality tone. But beware; like a couple of other people here, I have serious connectivity problems. It can be solved by plugging/uplugging the USB end of the 30pin cord from the Apogee, and eventually it's recognised. I can always get it to work if I keep at it, but frankly, for £80, this should just work. This is on an iPad 2 running the latest IOS with an up to date Garageband. I get the same problem with Ampkit, so it isn't just Garageband.
    Apogee are sending me another 30 pin lead, so we'll see...

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    Does Not Work

    • Written by from Utica

    The Apogee JAM does not work with GarageBand 1.1 (iOS) on an iPad 2 or iPod Touch 4th Gen.

    I does work with my Macs at home and in the office.

    Apogee says it's an Apple problem and Apple says it's an Apogee problem. Folks like me who purchase the JAM for use on Mac and iOS devices are out of luck until one company or the other steps up to the plate, assumes responsibility and produces a fix.

    On my Macs it sounds great, but it simply does not work on iOS devices.

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