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    Five stars plus. Perfect solution for airflow and angling your keyboard.

    The Lazy Couch Stand is a perfect solution for a Macbook stand. Not only does it increase airflow underneath, it angles the keyboard to a more comfortable typing position. The advantage this product has over other stands it that your Macbook will never shake while you type. A shaking stand makes the screen impossible to focus on. In terms of Lazy Couch staying in place? I have a smooth surfaced desk and the units stay put. I can't speak to other surfaces. The rubber is very high quality and the aluminum works aesthetically. For $19.95, you can't go wrong because you'll never question the quality of the design and its materials. Also, it functions flawlessly. I can't recommend this product enough.

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    I just received mine and they are.. well perfect. It raises my laptop to a perfect angle and it is very stable. I was concerned that the bottom might slide but the stands have non slip rubber on top and bottom. One person commended that it did not stick together but mine are completely secure together. You don't need magnetics and why would you want to put a magnet under your laptop. The air circulates and keeps it cool without a fan. And well they look cool. (I do believe if you own a Mac you have to look cool.)A lot better than those big gaudy units or cheap plastic things. I would recommend this to a friend.

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    Good on the go!

    Perfect for use on the go at work or school with a MacBook Pro. elevates just enough to give a nice airflow under the computer keeping it cooler under increases work preformance. Snaps together and stores easily with no extra bulk in a carry bag. Great product!

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