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    Outstanding display mount used for second monitor in portrait mode

    I purchased this mount instead of the Ergotron MX Desk Mount LCD Arm because I wanted to support my 27" Apple display vertically in portrait mode. The Ergotron does not hold the display high enough to do so.

    This Sanus mount is an incredibly solid product that took only a few minutes to install. Replacing the Apple's display's stand with the VESA Mount Adapter Kit (sold separately) and screwing it into the arm of the mount took a little longer – perhaps 20-30 minutes total.

    The mount is extremely stable, and it's easy to move the monitor into different positions, including varying angles up to 15 degrees in any direction. I have a standing work station, and I was able to move the display in portrait mode into the perfect ergonomic position.

    I was very nervous about stability when I decided to mount my display, but this mount puts my mind at ease.

    I am very pleased with the super ease-of-installation, security, adjustability, and aesthetics of the Sanus mount. I thought the Egotron mount looked more sleek and attractive, but only the Sanus mount's base and silver column can be seen from my work station anyway. It looks amazing.

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    The best monitor arm. Period.

    I tried close to 5 monitor arms, returning them all, before I decided to take yet another risk and order this one. I'm a masters student and I spend close to 5 hours a day reading and writing on the computer; so, I needed some flexibility to move my monitor arm to avoid strains. Let me put it this way, every monitor arm works but just not to the same degree. This one is superb. It does what you need it to do, it isn't an industrial monster that will hold up your 3 flat screen TVs. use a 21" monitor, and hence only need a monitor arm that will hold up a monitor the size I use--I'm sure it can hold larger. It is simple. It looks great, the only thing you see is the black base, which is saying something. Monitor arms are ugly, but at least with this one you don't have to see it. It goes low enough to make the screen height comfortable. It is easy to adjust. I received it in less than a week even though it was advertised at a 1-2 mont lead time. I highly recommend this monitor arm.

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    Fantastic for 27" iMac

    This is the first monitor arm I've tried, and I'd be hard-pressed to find something better out there. The height and swivel ranges are great, it's quite easy to adjust, and it's extremely stable. It's somewhat difficult to get the VESA iMac on the mount initially with only one person just due to the weight of the Mac and the height of the arm when mounted—but with two people I'm certain it would be quite easy. My only issue—and this is a minor quibble—is that the 3rd cable management hook did not come attached and I'm still not exactly sure how to attach it myself. But that's extremely minor and related only to an auxiliary function of the arm.

    Excellent if slightly pricey buy.

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