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    While this trackball might work with your Mac, be assured that the software Logitech offers to Windows users (Setpoint) for customizing how the trackball will work, is non existent for Mac OS. Logitech is aware that this is true, but does not pre-warn potential Mac users either in its product description or on its Support page. Shame on Logitech. It has the right to ignore Mac users and not offer software which is Mac compatible, but it does not have the right to entice buyers and then say, as the Logitech support person said, "sorry, there is no Setpoint for this product for Mac".

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    Great Mouse Alternative

    I really like using this trackball. Its a little different and takes some getting used to for some people. But its nice to not have to lift the trackball as you get to the edge of the mousepad. So its great for tight quarters. Also I'm pretty sure its easier on my wrist and its try comfortable too!

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    Nice for heavy web users / Learning curve

    Would buy it again.

    I am on the computer all the time - web browsing and online software, spreadsheets, photoshop, etc. The down side of that is my hand and arm take a beating. I bought this Logitech Wireless M570 mouse because a friend had it and said it reduced the strain on his arm. If I put in a lot of hours I start to feel like I am getting carpal tunnel syndrome. Since staying off the computer is not much of an option for me (it would be the equivalent of a carpenter breaking his hand or a dancer breaking a leg), I made the switch.

    There is a learning curve to this mouse since you need to adjust to how it works. That adjustment happened in a day or few due to my heavy usage, with the first few hours being the most noticeable. Some people will not like the change, but I needed to do something or my arm would get worse. I think it's worth it and would make the same decision a year later to buy this mouse. My arm feels better for it.

    With all this said, don't expect a complete miracle, a mouse can only do so much if your arm hurts like mine did and the worse it gets the harder it will be to reserve.

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    The Best Trackball Option

    As some other reviews have noted, Logitech does not have the best track record with support for Mac OS X. But fortunately, this trackball mouse works perfectly out of the box. Clicking the scroll wheel fuctions properly as the third/middle button, while the smaller two buttons on the side work as back/forward functionality.

    I think this is the best trackball option for OS X. Thumb-controlled trackballs are not as common as finger-controlled ones, however, I find the former both more comfortable, and it allows for some additional functionality not found on, say, the TrackMan Marble, namely the scroll wheel. While other finger-controlled trackballs get around this by including a scroll ring, I do not find that as easy to use or as comfortable as the scroll wheel.

    This trackball mouse is for right handed people only. However, it's very comfortable and I've not gotten any fatigue gripping it for even hours at a time. It's not going to allow you to perform the many gestures of OS X, but it's still a fine product to use for everyday computing.

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    Does not work as advertised

    This mouse is not fully compatable with a Mac. Yes the track ball works but no back button. Shame on Apple and Logitech for not mentioning this fact. Do not buy this item if you expect it to do what the literature says it does. Won't be buying a Logitech product again.

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    BEST LOGITECH product.

    I had the last wireless mouse they made , and I have to say this is a vast improvement over the earlier model. I plugged it in, and it worked, instantly! to those saying this lacks a software driver , it don't need em ,it just works! logitech products don't usually need drivers to run Mac products. didn't even need to change the mouse settings. this is the most responsive mouse ,ever thanks to the super small receiver which practically hides in the port it also has a better range than my last one. if I break this one I will go out and buy another one.

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    By far my favorite mouse

    I love this trackball. I actually bought an extra just in case they stop making them, or this one breaks and I need a replacement right away.

    If you've never used a trackball you really need to get used to it, but it's definitely worth it. Use it for a week or two and you'll be hooked.

    I do NOT recommend installing the Logitech software though. Try SteerMouse or USB Overdrive (haven't tested USB overdrive) instead. The logitech software is awful and buggy. The 3rd party software has been working very well.

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    Great Trackball

    I like to use it with my mac. It`s good alternative to apple mouse.

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    bluetooth version option would be nice to try

    This is a mouse for all occasions -- whether working upside down, lying down, or where no surface for conventional mice is present. This mouse will perform. The thumb control allows for stress-free accuracy. Wonder how a blue-tooth version would perform? There are times when a spare usb port is not available for the tiny logitech receiver.

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    Excellent pointer control device!

    Shortly after I purchased my first Mac (a used MacBook), I purchased a Magic Mouse to use with that computer. Now a year or so later, the mouse became unreliable when I use it with my new Mac Mini. I went to the Apple Store here in Las Vegas and purchased a Magic Trackpad. While the device itself works very well, I have trouble getting accustomed to the wide variety of gestures available on this device, tendering it almost useless for me. I purchased this trackball and I find it to be the best pointer control device for my computer. It doesn't have the additional functionality of the Apple devices, but I have no difficulty with that.

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    Could be 5

    I use trackballs size the first wire one's then the new wireless.
    The mice is great works as the best.
    Only one thing! they need to connect by bluetooth. No More receives for wifi

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