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    Cool idea, problematic execution: there are better alternatives

    • Written by from Brooklyn

    My wife and I were really happy with our Apple wireless keyboards and trackpads except for the amount of battery waste we were producing. We wanted to go greener and loved the idea of this Mobee solution. Bought the charger and two battery packs for each of us, plus a spare, and have used them for a year and a half. Sorry to say but now we have given up on these.

    The main problem is that you can't charge the battery packs unless they are physically in the keyboard or trackpad. Ours also didn't hold a charge all that long. As a result, when one of the battery packs dies on you in the middle of your workday, which happens frequently, you're stuck without a keyboard or trackpad until it's recharged.

    The nail in the coffin was a problem that others have experienced as well: the charging cap of one of our battery packs just broke off when we were trying to unscrew it from the keyboard.

    I'll be sending all this Mobee stuff off to our local electronics recycling outfit. Based on reviews, though, I hesitated to replace it with the batteries and recharger that Apple sells. Instead, we've taken delivery of a couple packs of the brand-new 4th generation Eneloop AA batteries, which are very well reviewed elsewhere, and the latest smart battery charger (Opus BT-C2400; if Apple made an attractive smart charger, I'd buy it, but they don't). I expect this solution will work out much better and also be a bit less expensive than this Mobee stuff. We will never get stuck without a charged keyboard or trackpad; we'll always have charged-up batteries on hand to stick in as soon as the juice is drained, so we can keep working.

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    SOSO product

    • Written by from Miramar

    It almost does what it suppose to do, but battery life is not that good.I went from a wireless keyboard to a part time wired keyboard.They need to improve on battery life.

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    Doesn't work well

    • Written by from New York

    I had a similar problem to others that have bought this device. I thought it was going to be a great addition to my workspace, but the battery attachment does NOT fit well in my keyboard or magic trackpad and it loses contact or doesn't make contact at all. Save yourself the money and just buy rechargeable batteries separately.

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    Terrific Idea but...

    • Written by from BEVERLY HILLS

    I purchased this product to kiss batteries goodbye and help the environment.

    Unfortunately, the battery insert didn't fit my apple wireless keyboard well enough to make contact. That's right, this product from Switzerland has such serious quality control problems that yours may not work at all.

    Additionally, the product has a strong chemical smell when removed from the box. This comes from the sparkly aluminum surface intended to match Apple's. But Apple's has no smell at all while this exudes a chemical-like stench. I expect it to vanish once the product airs for a week or so, but since my Magic Bar was defective and had to be returned I may never know.

    I would also like to know where and how to get a hold of more recharge inserts. And where is the Magic Bar for trackpads? There's too little info on this product.

    A great concept that became a smelly clunker. Mobee, get me a hassle-free replacement now please.

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