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    Probably the best phone case I ever had. Comes off easily. Battery life lasts a long time. To all of the people who say that it stinks because the battery life is to short and it only works if you charge it at night and the light is to bright..... Why would you use this at night and just charge it down stairs. Duh

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    Mophie 1500

    Hi All;

    I have the 1,500 model on iPhone 4 since May this year and I simply love it. It protects the phone, I can remove the Phone from it in 3 seconds and it allows me to recharge the phone 1.5 times (when iPhone 4 battery is at 20% charge). The bottom part of the mophie is somewhat damaged, unfortunately the phone was dropped more than once. It still working strong.
    I will buy another one in a heartbeat.

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    The Case Does Fit

    I also had problems with the case being terribly difficult to remove and insert, then I realized that all you need to do is remove the bottom! The case fits easily now. You just have to pull off the bottom away from the rest and your iPhone will easily fit in. Snap the bottom back on and it's that easy. The problem is, I don't think Mophie actually tells you this in the manual that comes with it. Mine has worked great. I use it for running and on my bike for long distance rides. I'm about to purchase my second one for century rides. It's a great device.

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    Great Product & Customer Service

    All products have minuses and pluses, after been using this acc. for several months here are my comments:

    - Once you mount this to your phone, it is not easy to take it off. But I think the idea is when you mount this thing on, why you have to take it off that often?
    - When my phone battery goes down to 20%, and it can only charge my phone to 70%-ish with a fully charged juice pack. (Maybe because I am using the phone at the same time)
    - The battery indicator doesn't seem right. It has four lights to show you the battery status of the case, but when you use 3/4 according to the indicator, then the battery goes down like crazy.

    + It's the thinnest battery case ever, and it looks great with the white 4S
    + The design is better than its previous product, when you have to use Apple's cord, simply remove the bottom part and you are okay to go(You don't have to take off the whole case)...
    + I accidently dropped and broke this thing so I email Mophie's customer service team to buy its replacement, instead, they've shipped a brandnew one with no additional charge!!! You get what you paid for, and it's definitely worth 80 bucks.

    Compared with its minus and plus, I am rating this stuff 5 star with no doubt.

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    Awesome, and if it breaks Mophie replaces, keep receipt!

    This is an excellent addition to my iPhone 4s (4s guzzles power), and essentially doubles my battery life. I purchased on March 22. On about July 22 the power input broke. Mophie is replacing and covering shipping. You will need your receipt in order to file for warranty. KEEP YOUR RECEIPT! I imagine Mophie has fixed the poor design problem (or else Mophie won't stay in business because Mophie will have to keep replacing defective products), so I'm hoping the replacement lasts longer than 5 months. I've missed the Mophie quite a bit - 4s really guzzles juice (as compared to my iPhone 4 with basically same configuration).

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    Great case!

    I really like it. It's very handy and useful since Iphones have awful battery life in the first place! But the only problem I have with it is that it's very hard to remove the case. I must be doing something wrong but I can't get it off! The extra bulk is not noticeable or inconvenient either.

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    Terrific Case

    It converts you to a regular charger that is awesome in it's self also If you are worried about scratching your phone use screen protectors on bolth sides that is what I did and make sure you get the 2000 amp one that is worth more charges ...THIS IS A MUST BUY !!!!!!!! GOT TO HAVE IT COVER!!!!! I never plug into a charger all day and use my phone at least 16hrs a day....

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    Perfect Charging Case!

    I never trained my iPhone 4 battery and my iPhone wouldn't even last a day before going dead. Then a few weeks ago I got the mophie juice pack air. My phone never ran out of battery again. Sometimes I forget to charge my phone overnight, but my phone still lasts the second day without charging. The battery life of the case is excellent.

    The iPhone snaps securely in the case easily, and can be taken out just as easily. I didn't know this at first, because I didn't figure out until later that the bottom of the case snaps off effortlessly. This case has protected my phone from so many drops, with not a scratch on the phone, or the case.

    There is a switch on the bottom corner of the case the you can switch anytime to charge your iPhone or not. I usually let my phone use its own battery, then charge it when it gets too low.

    The socket on the other bottom corner of the mophie is not just for charging - it's a mini usb port and I can plug it right into my computer conveniently. I was also pleased to find out that it is the same cord used for kindle and blackberry, and when my dog ruined my cord 2 weeks ago, I just used my brother's spare kindle charging cord.

    This case is a bit bulky and adds 65 grams to your iPhone, which is approximately half the weight of an iPhone, so it's as heavy as one and a half iPhones. I got used to this after about 10 minutes and I don't ever notice it. The little bit of extra weight should not discourage you from buying a case giving you hours more on your phone. When people see you on your phone, it won't even be noticeable that your case is slightly longer unless they are very close.

    I don't know what I spend more time doing: charging my phone or taking the bottom of the case off and clicking it back on throughout my classes. The value is very good for what you get. If you want a bit more, try the mophie juice pack plus - it's a bit more bulky than the air but it has quite a bit more battery life and is at $100.
    Overall this case is amazing and I recommend to everyone wanting more battery power on their iPhone for a good price.

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    I don't get the bad reviews.....

    Before the recent 5.1 update for the iPhone I could barely make it to the end of the day without charging. I purchased this case and wow I am so happy. All my friends are always asking, "Do they make one of those for my phone?"

    It has an on/off switch at the bottom and once your almost gonna run out of battery you can conveniently turn it on to charge your iPhone. Simply amazing and great!

    One thing some people might not like: Makes the iPhone double in weight, increases the length of the iPhone about 1 inch and changes the cable from an Apple connector to a micro usb (more universal). Personally none of these things bother me though.

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    The price seems a bit high, but the amount of times it's saved me can't be counted on one hand. The only complaint I might have is that it's a little difficult to take off of my iPhone, but I rarely do that. I'd highly recommend it to anyone who uses their iPhone frequently and needs a recharge at some point during the day.

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    I LOVE IT!!!!!!


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    What's wrong with you people?

    Ok. All of the reviews on here that are saying that they don't recommed the case because they can't remove the phone from it. First of all, there aren't many instances where you would want to remove it from the case. Secondly, the packaging has photo instructions on the proper way to remove the phone from the case. All you do is start at the top and slide your finger down on one side and it pops right out. The new design is great in fact because it doesn't come off as easily. It is more secure and protects the Iphone better. Case in point, all you have to do is read the instructions. It is very simple. The mophie cases are fantastic and they are NOT hard to remove from the phone. Period.

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    Excellent product

    Product is great, I have been using it for about 1 month and it worth every penny, almost double the battery capacity. if you talk a lot or use your GPS a lot buy it, also this special edition for Apple is great, you can take out the bottom part and the open top allow you to use whatever headphone you want to use. My only suggestion for the mophie team is do something with the volume and mute buttons, with this version is hard to reach these buttons.

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    Wonderful product!! Having the option to recharge your battery wherever and whenever you need to is priceless. The case has also provided extra protection from me, dropping my phone.

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    This is a fantastic case. It has easily helped me make it through a day from 0600 to 1800 in the evening, and has protected my iPhone 4S 64 Gig from a couple of falls.

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    Excellent case

    With numerous friends and family as iPhone users, I seem to be a much heavier user than most; a typical day of usage for me requires me to plug my phone in around 4pm if I want to make it to the evening. This case effectively doubles the battery life of my phone, and I can do long days without worrying about my battery life.

    The case adds a bit of weight and bulk to the iPhone 4, which I don't mind because I feel it makes the phone a little easier/more comfortable to hold in my hand. It has a lip around the front of the phone that can help protect the face, but a screen protector is still recommended to protect from scratches.

    There are two cons to this case though. The first is that it uses the micro-USB connector. It comes with the appropriate cable, but I have to take the phone out of the case if I want to use an accessory with the dock connector. This also poses an issue because my car charger has the dock connector. I ended up purchasing another micro-USB cable and a 'standard' USB charger for my car. The other con to this case is that, when used with an iPhone 4S, the mute toggle switch is partially covered as the switch is ever so slightly lower than on the iPhone 4. It doesn't make it unusable, but it requires a little more effort to flip the toggle switch.

    Otherwise, it is a fantastic case and well worth the money once I get over those two issues.

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    A double threat case that's worth the money

    This case is excellent for anyone that may have trouble charging their phones during the day due to work conditions, etc. I'm a news videographer and depending on the news story, I might be stuck at a police standoff or press conference for hours without charger access. This case is perfect for keeping your iPhone charged for long periods of time. Just charge the case itself at night (comes with it's own special cord that fits into any apple accessory wall jack or charger) and after the case is fully charged, it'll charge the phone battery as well. Then during the day when your iPhone gets low on power, just switch on the mophie juice pack and it will charge your phone. It's pretty heavy duty, very sleek and stylish. This is a great buy!!

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