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    Finally! This is exactly what I've been looking for!

    • Written by from Chicago

    Hands down great product. I've been searching for something like this since I bought my iPad 1 and it's finally here. It's holds steady to the treadmill, even while running and when the treadmill shakes a little, and I've never had a problem with it. Its particularly great for use on exercise machines that already have some sort of monitor at eye level - it hooks right over the top. Great product, I'd recommend it to anyone. Makes walking/running on a treadmill or using an elliptical so much easier when I can watch tv shows and movies the whole time!
    Only product suggestion I might add to make it more versatile would be to give it telescoping hooks so that if someone's monitor or surface is thicker it can be adjusted to fit. Luckily all the machines at my gym fit this product just fine.

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    Not what it's for

    • Written by from Hyattsville

    I bought this because I needed something to use to write proposals when on a job. It hooks to my steering wheel (NOT WHILE DRIVING) and holds my iPad so that I can work in my car. Very sturdy and packs away small. They don't advertise it for this use but they should.

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    Works for Mini

    • Written by from Portland

    Purchased this for my mini and it works great. There is a piece of material in the middle/back of the mount with a lip on it to hold your ipad securely in place. If you wrap this piece of cloth around the bottom rung before fitting it over the top of the mini it fits perfectly. Great purchase! Great angle for desktop. Ordering one of my Fella who unfortunately does not exercise but travels a lot so he can use it as a stand to watch movies while traveling.

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    Love it!

    • Written by from huntington beach

    Love it, very well thought out!

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