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    • Written by from Roy

    Ok I admit it, I love Twelve South products. However as a multiple Apple product owner I am always looking for chargers to cut down on the number of power plugs I have. I love the fact that it combines with MacBook power adaptor. I can charge both at the same time without pulling out my power strip. The PlugBug would be worth its weight in gold for just that part, but it does come with the plug in case you are away from your MacBook adaptor.

    I like the red color, matches great with the Apple White we are so used to. If I had one slight complaint is that I wish it could also charge my iPhone at the same time as the iPad. But that is probably asking for too much to have only one charger for everything.

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    I LOVE IT!!! One tip...

    • Written by from Temecula

    Ok so I have an iPhone 5S. When I plugged my phone into the PlugBug, the screen would completely stop working. I could see my home screen but couldn't select any apps. The screen, although on, became completely unresponsive. As soon as I unplugged it from the PlugBug the screen worked again. It also worked fine whenever it was plugged into my computer or Apple USB block. I then plugged in my iPad Mini and that worked fine. I could still use the touch screen. I took my iPhone 5S, PlugBug, and iPad Mini into my local Apple Store and showed them what was happening. The genius brought out a test iPhone 5S. It worked fine when connected to the PlugBug...Moral of the story...The iPhone 5S had something wrong internally. It wasn't a screen issue, a software issue or a plug bug issue. My new phone works perfectly with the plug bug!

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    "The Good, the Bad and the Ugly" Review Update

    • Written by from Billings

    My recently purchased PlugBug World from 12 South directly has a removable wall plug and connects to the extension cord as well as other useful plugs.

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