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    Love this thing

    • Written by from Burlington

    Just bought it today, very pleased...FAST charging of my iPhone 5, makes up for the fact that it drains so quickly...not noticing any overheating issues. Yep, it adds bulk to your packaging, but I have a monster sized laptop bag, so it's no issue for me. Cable is shorter when using it, but I can get around that with extension cords. Two thumbs up from me, and wonderful introduction to TwelveSouth and it's products!!

  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Serves the Purpose

    • Written by from Ridgefield

    The design and functionality are hard to beat. It does serve the purpose and works well generally. There are two issues that I have: the first one is obvious, it added bulk and weight, of course, this is hard to avoid; the second issue is running hot, sometimes it reaches 170 or higher. Don't know if this pertains to my particular piece or more wide spread.

    All in all, if you are a frequent traveler and have many Apple devices need to be charged, this is a must have item.

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    One outlet - two devices

    • Written by from Southington

    Yes, you can easily just carry two chargers in your bag, but oftentimes you might reach your destination to find that there is only a single outlet available. This device solves that issue. You can charge a laptop AND an iOS device at the same time with a single plug-in device. It is solidly durable, and fits the Mac laptop charger snugly.

    My only criticism is that for the price of roughly $30+, the package should include a dock to USB (or Lightning to USB) cable as well as the charging unit.

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    Great but with a flaw

    • Written by from Richmond Hill

    The PlugBug is wonderful. However, from a design standpoint there's a flaw. When you put the PlugBug on the MacBook Air power block, the it fits perfectly. However, if you attack it to a 85-watt MacBook Pro power block, the PlugBug is too short for it. It ends about half the length of the power block so it does not match up. Twelve South should make an alternate one designed for the bigger power blocks.

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    Works fine, not often needed though......

    • Written by from Amherst Junction

    I am running my iP2 off of one of these right now, and have been for several hours, with no problems at all. No buzzing or any other issues to report. I have the power adapter connected to an 85w power supply for a 15" MBP (the older "T" type).

    The adapter does not seem quite as sturdy as the Apple adapters but the connection is solid. I would agree with an earlier post however, if carried separately, this power adapter saves little (if any) space over a 10w power supply. I believe the point is however, should you find yourself a bit short of receptacles in your hotel room this would be an option without connecting your iDevice to the computer's USB port.

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    • Written by from Manchester

    You will not regret buying this product. It really comes in handy while traveling when power sockets are scarce. Also if this is always a part of the power brick it means one less thing to pack.

    The picture on the product shows it plugged in with a MacBook Air power brick but if it's used with a MacBook Pro power brick the product doesn't set flushed as the Pro brick is larger. No big deal at all. I must say the product manufactures really did a wonderful job of painting the product red. It stands out among the crowd and works as its own advertisement when people ask whats that thing stuck to my power adaptor.

    The build quality is very good, and light weight. I only wish they put a second USB socket.
    I hope apple incorporates this in their upcoming power supplies.

    If you are on the fence for a new power supply for your iDevice I'd say Go for it.

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