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    Great Product

    When I bought the iVisor there were no reviews on it so I crossed my fingers and ordered it anyway. I have to say that this product delivers! It was so easy to install, took about a minute and was 100% bubble free! I have not noticed any difference in screen clarity or brightness. It reduces glare and you can't even tell that it is installed. I would highly recommend this item for anyone who owns the MBA.

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    What a relief

    I also prayed when I put this on the credit card. The other screen protectors in this vintage -- including a Moshi one -- that I have tried were terrible. They were so grainy that it was difficult to see through them; the computer screen appeared distorted at best. I figured this one would be the same.

    I am grateful to report that I was wrong. This screen protector is a welcome relief. The screen on my air is as clear and crisp as if it were not there. I can now see it as it was meant to be, not through a haze, like with the other anti-glares, and know that the screen is safe from scratches or whatever else I could do to it at the same time. What a relief

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