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    poor transparency

    • Written by from Vancouver

    Unfortunately, when I got my macbook air 13", I attached this protector on its screen and
    until yesterday I had not realized that what would have been the real resolution and clarity of my mac
    screen and so I was not satisfied because this protector due to its anti-glare technology can
    reduce your mac resolution significantly. I take if off from my mac and so I have great screen
    resolution anymore.

  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Matte screen cover

    • Written by from White Plains

    The screen cover is matte and it actually installs on the surrounding bezel. The matte plastic with the gap from the cover to the actual screen really ruins the clarity. It's as if the resolution fell back in time. It gives me a headache to use it. There is also glare which also adds to the problem. It's not the same as a matte screen laptop which is clear in my eyes.
    The only reason I bought a screen cover was because my keyboard was touching the screen and making marks. Apple did repair it under warranty but will do it only once. It was an over 500usd repair. So I am looking for something to protect the screen from Apple's bad design or bad fit tolerances. So I looked for the most expensive solution. Turns out most expensive doesn't mean the best. I could only recommend if you use your laptop where people are throwing mud at the screen and would constantly have to clean it.
    Screen clarity is the basics. The design seems clever with the bezel mount but please make a clear/glossy option.

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