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    An unnecessary expense

    I recently purchased this item and it was very easy to install like other reviews have said. However, as far as protection, you don't need protection for the screen, it already has thick glass protection much more sufficient then a sheet of plastic (this item). My biggest complaint is that it doesn't reduce glare from natural or artificial light, but it actually increases the glare! I will be taking this item back, save your money.

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    I bought this for my Macbook Pro with Retina display, except that it doesn't fit the screen. This is mentioned nowhere in the description. There is also no other screen protector in accessories so I guess Apple just doesn't sell one for my laptop. I cut the protector to fit the laptop and the screen now looks very grainy and blurred. I don't agree with anyone else that it still gives great resolution. I wouldn't recommend this to anyone.

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    Would be nice, IF IT FIT!

    I bought this because I recently purchased a 13" MacBook Pro, and wanted some protection for the screen. It said it was able to be removed multiple times and reused, and seemed like a good product. Upon receipt, I attempted to install this screen. It was WAY too big, both length and height. I even tried trimming some of the bottom off to make it fit. No go, the camera hole isn't aligned with the camera properly at outset, the sides extend too far and the screen pops off at closing because it's way too BIG to fit. Shame on Moshi for not checking product details, and I question why this product is in the Apple Store, for unsuspecting users to purchase. $40 bucks could have been used buying something I actually needed (like a screen protector!), and instead I'm out of the money. I hope you learn from my experience, though.

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    Not worth it

    Screen protector is larger than screen, and will leave residue once removed.

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    unfortunately does not fit for Retina display

    I had to cut the bottom part just to fit. Also, it does not add more protection in my opinion !!

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