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    After reading all the good reviews and having had a different brand of screen protector for my last MacBook Pro, I felt compelled to try the Moshi one with my new, straight out of the box laptop.

    No doubt, the bubble-free, quick application was as advertised. However for some unknown reason the lower center portion of the protector lacked the adhesive property of the rest of the protector. I tried reapplying and giving that area some TLC to no avail.

    Over time, it has become less and less "connected" to the screen and dust and debris have crept in between the protector and the display.

    Kudos for easy application and no bubbles, thumbs way down for not sticking to the screen.

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  • 2.0 out of 5 stars

    Oversight by Moshi

    Moshi did not consider the camera's (ambient light sensor) in the design. There is no cut out like the camera hole, furthermore it is blacked out on the ivisor thus making the ambient light senor non-operative and useless. I returned it the same day after this realization. I have the iphone 5 visor and it has both the camera and ambient light senor locations cut out so works great.

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