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    Wouldn't wake-up

    • Written by from Upland

    I purchased the 4TB RAID to back-up all of my movies. It transferred all of the data relatively quickly. However, once the data was backed up and the drive fell asleep it would not wake up. I tried to eject the drive to turn it off and on again but it would not eject. Eventually I ended up turning off the drive without ejecting. Contacted tech support multiple times and got different explanations. I returned the drive and they sent a new one. Same problem with the new drive. I returned that one and they sent another replacement. Same problem again. They were willing to keep sending me new drives until I received one that work. I didn't want to do that and ask them to send the standard 4TB drive, not RAID, it works perfect and I am completely happy. Their only suggestion with regards to the RAID was to purchase disksomnia to prevent the drive from falling asleep.

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    • Written by from Calgary

    I uploaded close to 1TB of video and photos that I will never get back. The system disk simply stopped working. The cost to recover the information is ridiculous. Not happy. I then purchased the Lacie 6TB desktop system which shorted out on me (using a power bar).

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