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    Excellent with occasional hiccups

    • Written by from Rockville

    The sound quality, both input and output, is simply excellent. The inputs are easy to adjust and monitor thanks to the light-up indicators around the gain knobs. The output provides impeccably clear signal both through the headphone output and through the line output, both of which have individual volume knobs.
    The unit feels sturdy and well-built. Nothing wobbles. The knobs have a solid feel to them, allowing fine control. You can confidently throw the unit in your gig bag and not worry about something breaking on the road. It'll look great on your desk on mixing console, too.
    In case of problems, Focusrite's support team is qualified and helpful.

    That's the good:
    -sound quality
    -easy interface
    -solid construction

    Now the bad:
    Since OS 10.9, there have been issues with driver compatibility. Some users, myself included, report popping sounds when connecting the unit. Sometimes you'll have to unplug and plug the unit back in half a dozen times before OS X finally recognizes it. Once it does, it's smooth sailing, usually for a t least few hours. Sometimes you'll have to reboot the system to get it to recognize the Scarlett again.

    Overall, even despite those occasional annoyances, I'm very happy with the unit. I've had it for over 3 years and for $150 it's hard to beat the sound quality and build quality.

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