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    It doesn't work

    I bought this product last week because I wanted to connect an Apple TV to an Epson projector that only supports vga. But when I tried to connect it the screen just goes black

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    Warning: it doesn't always "just work"

    I tried to use this to hook my new Apple TV up to a good Toshiba projector. The projector supports many resolutions and works fine with my MacBook Air, iPad and iPhone (via the relevant adapters). After many hours of trying, I could not get the Kanex ATV Pro to output anything on my projector.

    So, be warned. Keep the packaging so you can return this if it does not work with your projector.

    Also, as a side note: you will only be able to use this for AirPlay mirroring, you won't be able to watch any movies you rent on the Apple TV via iTunes on the big screen due to HDCP copy protection.

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    Horrible for AirPlay

    This device downgrades the image coming from the ATV to the converter, which is fine it has to downgrade the signal in order to project it on your old VGA display. However, when you AirPlay your device to the ATV the ATV does it's own downgrade on the signal coming from your iOS device, which it also has to do that since the resolution of the ATV is higher than the iOS device you are AirPlaying.

    With that being said when you AirPlay through this converter the ATV downgrades the image, than the Kanex downgrades the image and on your projector screen is a tiny iOS/AirPlay image. It is unusable in a classroom or any business situation.

    If you need this converter just to use the ATV for watching movies and ATV services, than it is fine.

    If you need this converter specifically for AirPlay, look elsewhere. It is absolutely unusable for AirPlay.

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    Not working after the iOS 7 update.

    My coworker and I both use this product with the Apple TV to project our iPads for our classroom. Suddenly a day or two after the iOS 7 update came out, both of us started getting static! I took the Apple TV home to update it, and it works perfectly when it's plugged in straight to HDMI. I've also tried replacing my VGA cable twice, and nothing seems to help. This is such a useful and convenient tool for teachers when it's working.... PLEASE FIX THIS!

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    Not worth it if they paid me to use it

    I got this with hopes of connecting my Apple TV to my VGA projector in the classroom. Nothing but a headache. I will be returning it. Save yourself some aggravation and don't even waste your time buying this.

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    incompatible cable with powerbook

    This cable is recommended for connecting an Epson projector with a vga port to a power book, in What Cable Do You Need on the Store website. The computer doesn't recognize it nor does the projector. After 60 plus dollars, how many cables do I need in order to connect various computers, Ipads to my projector which is two years old? And is it really that difficult to find the correct one?

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    Doesn't work.

    Worked for an hour and then stopped. I haven't been able to get it going again since. It's going back tomorrow (along with the Apple TV, which is useless without it).

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    Connection cuts out

    I had a lot of hope for this adapter to use in my classroom. The connection to the VGA cable cuts out which causes a lot of frustration. We have tried various VGA cables with no luck. It has to be placed in very tight and held perfectly still to remain working. The slightest movement of the cable and it cuts out. I will be looking for an alternative.

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