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    Not for long VGA cables!

    I can't find any details on Kanex's website regarding the maximum length VGA cable that the ATV Pro can handle, but it's definitely limited. It won't push a VGA signal as far as a standard laptop video card. I'd say if your VGA cable is longer than about ten feet, you might run into odd video flashing issues.

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    Useful but analog audio output needs some work...

    I purchased this device in order to use Apple TV with my older Pioneer plasma which only has component video or VGA. It works fantastic! My only complaint is that the quality of analog audio output on the unit is substandard.

    I use the optical output from my home theater system and it sounds great. However, I use the analog output on the unit for listening to music on my high-end standalone stereo speakers and it makes my speakers sound subdued. I still kept the unit because to keeps me from shaking walls and my neighbors happy when I'm playing music.

    If the digital audio is all you need then it's five stars for this product. Otherwise, it only has to works and therefore I give it three.

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    Signal gets cut off too frequently

    Im using this adapter on my son's wii u to connect to a projector. The signal cuts off too frequently, I'm thinking its because its not powered thus not being amplified?? I will be getting another adapter made by another manufacturer that is powered to see if that will solve the problem. So I have to say this product is not doing what I want it to do properly and is a financial loss for me. But during the times it work, I was grateful.

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    Great wireless but screen projection too small

    I work at a high school and was so excited to get this but when I tested it out, the screen that was projected was so small that I'm sure students in the back would have a very difficult time reading text. If I flipped the iPad portrait, then forget it...it was ridiculously thin. If I am tethered with an apple VGA cable, the projection is so much larger. I wonder why? Not sure if I am going to keep it. Anyone else have this problem?

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