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    Good Devices and Work as Claimed...IF you have a strong Wifi Router

    • Written by from Calgary

    When I first began installing these devices I noticed I'd lose them from the device list. I'd have to reset the router to get them reconnected so they could be rediscovered. As I began to actually depend on the devices it got more and more annoying when they'd drop off the device list. I had wifi extenders which seemed to help, but I'd still lose devices.

    For various other reasons I opted to upgrade my wifi router. The new one seemed to work worse than the old one, with ALL the WEMO devices dropping off in one gulp. I blamed the router...but before junking it I thought I'd try some "tricks" to reduce interference and to promote a stronger signal. They worked. Turns out my router was fine...it was where it was placed, and interference from my neighbors' routers that was creating all my wifi troubles.

    So I've had a good solid several weeks of strong wifi connections and reliable use. The built-in rules for WEMO are very nice but tying the WEMO devices to the IFTTT system really adds some unique functionality. I can turn on my bedroom light and, at the same time, the lamps turn on as well. I have a heater in my garage that only turns on if it's actually cold outside. When my family comes home the outdoor lights turn automatically when my smartphone tells them we've returned to the area.

    I have 16 wemo devices now and I fully intend on adding at least two more (so that all the lights on one floor are WEMO enabled).

    But I'll agree with some of the other posters...if you've got a weak wifi signal, or wifi interference, they're annoying as heck to set up and maintain. And even if you do set them up, despite the interference/weak-signal, they may not function as you'd hoped (may not connect completely to IFTTT services).

    So only get these if you've got a strong, reliable, wifi signal where-ever you plan on placing the wemo.

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    Useful but expensive

    • Written by from Toronto

    I need to replace some wireless switches that are starting to fail and this seems like the next better thing. However I have about 10 different devices which I would like to control and at $100.00 a shot, that's way too much $$. The WeMo works really well however and I like the simple App (in my case used with an iPhone) which allows a number of different ways to set it up. Just bring the price down and perhaps sell the "Switches" separately from the motion sensor and I may buy more.

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    Working well with 4 switches & 2 outlets

    • Written by from Houston

    I have four wemo switches and two outlets installed. Installation was very straight forward. Connect to wemo wireless for configuration and then back to your wireless network. Timer functionality works. Lights come on and turn off as directed. And it works remotely.

    The only problem I have is controlling a switch by sunrise & sunset. That doesn't seem to work despite setting the location correctly.

    I have ordered four more wemo switches and will use them for all outdoor lighting and fan functions.

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    Works as advertised

    • Written by from Rockwood

    I have three of these in my home. Setup is simple and the devices are reliable. In one instance I have it turn on my yard lights at sunset (i use an ifttt.com trigger that computes my sunset time so i don't have to adjust weekly as the days get longer/shorter) and off a couple of hours later. Another turns on a heater in a child's bedroom shortly before her bedtime and then cycles the heater a few times during the night.

    I like the fingertip control I get with my iPhone/iPad as well as the easy editability of the rules.

    I can see why setup may be hard for some people -- the documentation is good but the setup process is not trivial yet (I'm an EE).

    They should also improve the boot up speed.

    However I like where this is going and I believe that Belkin has a real winner on their hands. I can see this category heating up with all kinds of I/O devices -- thermometers, cameras, dimmers, fan speed controls,... With ifttt and similar services or drag-drop programming, setting these up would be child's play and just as much fun!

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    Used 6-7 Months Before Commenting

    • Written by from White Lake

    I waited several months before commenting but I think they've gotten better after 2-3 firmware and app updates which will knock them down/offline. The first 1-2 updates I had difficulty getting them rediscovered but the last had no problem. I would wait and do any app/firmware updates at home. I tried once from a friend's house and it wouldn't rediscover until I got home and un/re-plugged each switch. The only time I couldn't see a switch was when I accidentally turned off the wall switch controlling the outlet.. USER error!

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