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    Worked perfectly but interfered with garage door opener

    • Written by from Mokena

    Simple installation and setup. But rendered my garage door opener useless. The WeMo switch interfered with my garage door opener so badly that the opener remote would only work from a few feet away. I wish there was a viable solution because otherwise the switch worked great.

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    • Written by from Eugene

    Will not accept a password with spaces, I'm out...

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    Belkin App Needs Work

    • Written by from Westbury

    The switch works fine… but the App is limited in its ability to configure lighting control schedules. It's very primitive compared to other Apps that I am presently using. I have two homes with WeMo devices, the App does not allow me to easily switch between homes to control my WeMo devices in both locations. For a remote control product this is a major flaw!

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    Good idea, poor execution...

    • Written by from New York

    I have two of the Belkin WeMo switches and had them running for about 2 months now.

    they are a bit on the larger side, 4.5in high/3in wide and 1.5in deep (at the thickest part), but will not occupy both outlets on your typical wall outlet. Installed on the top, the lower could be still used.

    Well it is easy, but also very limited:
    - Download the application from the App Store onto your iOS device
    - PlugIn the WeMo Switch into the AC Outlet
    - Go to Settings, WiFi and connect to the WeMo network
    - Launch the WeMo app and select your WiFi Network, add password if required.
    - When you're successfully connected to your WiFi network, the Remote Access is enabled automatically and you can personalize your device with a specific name, a device icon, add your email (to get future product updates or just more advertisement in your inbox) and you can select to remember your WiFi settings, which will make the addition of further WeMo devices easier.

    Experience so far:
    Beside delays in the app to discover the switches they also have a tendency to loose connection to the Belkin Cloud - which is needed to access them remotely.
    Also one thing important to know: The WeMo app is just supporting one network, that means if you have switches in your house and your vacation home you won't be able to control them all together from the app.
    I also linked the switches to the IFTTT website - which is a great idea BUT does just support one switch at the time and has the same problem with them loosing connection/their remote accessibility.

    As said in the title, it's a good idea but could be improved very much. The connection issues is a main concern but also the limited control a user has on the security on this devices makes me not recommending them.

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    Not ready for primetime

    • Written by from Fort Lauderdale

    The switch is OK, not a big deal anyways. The motion sensor is way out of scale. The sensitivity is far to high. I put it in a box, the box in a second box, still seeing motion. I am returning it. Waist of time! The packaging is nice, it deseves one star.

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