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    One Location Only

    • Written by from Riverside

    The iPhone App will only work with one location (one Router). I try to set it up with my home and vacation home, failed. Otherwise, it's working really well.

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    OK except IFTTT doesn't work reliably

    • Written by from Arlington

    The Good:
    1. I haven't had a any problems with setup or operation on our home wifi.
    2. The WeMo app controls the switches both locally and via 4G.

    The Bad:
    1. WeMo app crashes pretty often on my iphone 5 - maybe 1 out of 5 times the app is opened.
    2. WeMo integration with IFTTT is pretty unreliable. I have a switch setup to turn on a lamp at dusk and then off at a set time. The on time can vary by 2 or 3 hours from day to day and same with the off time.
    3. Switch status has to be manually refreshed when viewing with the app to see the latest switch state.
    4. The motion sensor takes some moving around to get it to operate a switch like I wanted. For example, I put it in the TV room and set it up to turn off the lights when no one is in the room. Turns out you can't put it 10 ft away from the couch and have it detect any but large motions. Moving your head or an arm won't always be detected. It it is only a 3 or 4 feet away it will detect small motions that occur while being a zombie in front of the TV.

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    Sunset doesn't update daily

    • Written by from Perryopolis

    I have to redo the setting to turn on at sunset every few days. Say I set it today and sunset is at 5:52 instead of updating daily it will stay at 5:52 until I redo the setting. Whats the point of having sunset as an option if it doesn't update on it's own?

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    Wemo Motion

    • Written by from baltimore

    I own (3) wemo switches and (2) light switches. They all work, after the second firmware update and 2nd version of the iPhone app.

    HOWEVER, I recently tried the motion product and had to return it. It simply doesn't work. People must not be buying it because it's intermittent and doesn't stay connected or active in the app.

    I tried my iPhone and my iPad.

    I am really disappointed because I really needed the motion to work. Hope they keep working on it.

    Hope this helps some of you.

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