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    No light

    I got used to the flashing light on flash drives, as they tell me when they working and when they have finished doing their thing. More to the point, when they stop blinking at me I know it is OK to pull them; when copying large files there can be a delay. On two occasions my file was corrupted and unreadable, probably because I took the drive out too early, yet all indications seemed to infer it was OK to do so. For the price of this drive it could have a flashing light.

    The drive can get quite warm, but that does not seem to be a problem.

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    Works like it should...

    I've used a Corsair Survivor drive for years and was in the market for a new thumb drive. I decided to give the Lacie a try. Good read/write speeds, small and light. A little annoying that the drive itself is attached to the key chain as my keys constantly are in the way when I need to use the drive which results in having to remove the drive from my keychain in order to use it. No, I really don't want to carry a USB extension around in my pocket. The software is pretty useless. Also I see some comments about file size. The drive is formatted as FAT32 in order for it to work on Mac and PC, however that does limit your max file size to 4GB. Therefore if you want to store files larger than 4GB there are work arounds for that but formatting the drive to something else is easier, unless you do need to access it on Mac and PC.

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    Unable to transfer file over 10 GB

    The speed of this flash drive is very very fast, 10 GB within 1 - 2 mins. However the amount of heat it produced is enormous!! I tried to transfer a 25 GB Blue Ray movie on to it. It says that it ll only takes 5 mins. Then after 2 mins, after it transfer around 10 GB, it flash drive is overheating so it stop automatically then ejected itself 1 min later. I can almost fry egg on it LOOOL. I tested it several times, it seems that u have to keep the file size smaller than 10 GB or it won't be able to finish the job without overheating

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