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    Looks Amazing (almost)

    • Written by from West Vancouver

    I bought one to back up my MacBook Pro and it worked smooth like silk. The style is also fitting. Only problems I had with it were the sharp edges (which could be worn away after years of use), the "PORSCHE DESIGN" letters got smudged somehow, I somehow got some chips along the edges (Aluminum is a soft material but still), and my slight OCD noticed that the light cut out was not parallel to the edge. Still a great drive though.

  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Another surprisingly decent product from Lacie

    • Written by from Lynnwood

    I'm a chimp for design, and LaCie is always convincing me to give them my money pretty much because of their designs. Going back a decade or more Lacie just keeps attracting me with their designs, and then charming me by being so reliable and consistently good. I've got a larger USB 2 LaCie drive that I've had since 2007 or so and is still running strong. It's a silly gold thing, but it's been a champ, which leads me to this "Porsche" designed little brick. When I say brick I mean brick, this is a rock solid little 1TB drive and it's been traveling with my Laptop for the last year or more without hitch. It's great looking, and thus far stone reliable.

    Couple of irritations, The flat design will have it sliding all over whatever work-space you're at and it's not exactly nice to hold. The edges that give it that crisp look are not nice to touch. No the end of the world, but a thing.

    So yeah over all just another solid product from Lacie working as advertised from the drop.


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    Awesome device, But....

    • Written by from Macungie

    Ok, the look and operation of the drive is spot on with my mac book pro look. It's whisper quiet, sleek and low profile. A big must own for portable users from me... Now the con. The device has a Micro B input, and there are no Lightning to Micro USB cables out there. So for us non-USB 3.0 people (Mac Book Pro Lat 2011 for me) I have to either suffer with 2.0 speeds or come up with a lightning to USB adapter that will work for this.

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