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    Two failures before one year old

    A Juice Pack is a reliable device. For a while. That said, I've come to believe that they are not intended for frequent removal.

    It takes cautious maneuvering to separate the two sections in order to free your iPhone, and in doing so the two pieces eventually become misaligned - which makes recharging impossible.

    Why remove the Juice Pack, or, at least its lower section? It won't accept the 4S/4 16pin cable. So, unless you tote its cable along, too, you need to at least remove the lower section to make the 16pin port accessible. Plus, my phone tended to get hot when in this thick case.

    My first mophie was a lesser model. While it wouldn't accept a charge the case could act as port for the iPhone unfriendly cable - through which I could still power-up from an external portable charger.

    This model became so badly misaligned that it is useless --in a shorter timeline, and with far less usage.

    Word to the wise: Since the advent of the iPhone 6 the brick and mortar store no longer carries this version.

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    This is not Drop Proof

    I am super cautious with my phones. I had this 40 days and it will no longer take a charge. The case looks and feels great but it is strictly an extra battery. It is not protective as it cannot survive a drop. It is nice when it works - but it was just 40 days for me.

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    Great Idea but....

    This is a greta idea and works well but I have had two and both times they have failed. Yep sure they were dropped but the design should be able to more robust than that. The USB charging jack has failed twice and it just dies....not good enough, I have given up.

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