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    Excellent Product, Wonderful Service.

    I have had a set of the headphones for 2 years, and they have worked wonderfully. My son uses them whenever we fly, and they have held up well. Recently the volume limit cable broke (as headphones do) and I was looking to buy a replacement. After contacting the company, they offered to replace the broken cable for free, under the warranty. I am thrilled with the service and would gladly purchase the headphones again.

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    Great headphones

    I purchased these headphones for myself being 30 years of age with limited income.
    The kids gear headphones are comfortable.The most amazing thing about these headphones is that the sound reproduction is better than a pair I have that is twice the price of the kidz.
    The bass and treble on these phones are excellent . The bass response is smooth and clear no distortion. The treble is crisp, but not tinny or crackly like you usually experience with a set in this price range. Bottom line, these kidz headphones may be kids but they are unusually beautiful for sound. I love them, and recommend them highly!

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    Kidz Gear Headphones

    I recently purchased these Kidz Gear Headphones for my son. My family and I travel quite a bit and thought these headphones would be perfect for him to use with his IPad. I was very impressed with the quality. The construction is very durable and the sound is amazing. One of the best features of these headphones is the ability to control the volume. It's a relief to know my son can watch a movie or listen to music without the sound blasting at one level. Another great feature is the color. The orange headphones are stylish, hip, and vibrant in color and look so much better than the typical kids headphone. I would recommend this product to anyone looking for an awesome pair of headphones for their kids.

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