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    Well built, very form-fitting.

    This is a slim case which fits the MacBook very snugly. Internally, there is a second pocket which can hold an iPad or anything else similarly slim. There are two exterior pockets on one side, which are accessed by one long horizontal zipper. These pockets have small "gussets" at the bottom which expand a little bit to allow storage of a charger in one pocket and either the extension cable or something else (e.g. superdrive, etc.) in the other. There is also a corner zipper that allows access to the charging port while the computer is in the case. I suppose there's some value to that, to someone. Lastly, the handles are nicely padded, and can be tucked inside small pockets, if you want the "sleeve" look.

    Construction appears to be good. Padding is faux fur.

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    No padding on bottom.

    No padding on bottom. I just dropped my brand new $3000 15" retena macbook pro less than 1 foot in this case and it left a nasty dent. Now there's a $600 repair. Try the Brenthaven collins for more protection. Does anybody know of a slim aluminum case for macbook?

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    Poor protection

    This bag has the flimsiest padding around the the edges. Having dropped my MacBook twice, it tends to land on its side in the corner, where there is essentially no protection. MacBook aluminum clam shell gets damaged with this bag with any drop on a hard surface. Clearly, an untested product.

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    Just in Case

    Having gone through the higher-end laptop cases for my MBP (vintage 2008) I went through TUMI and even Oakley which certainly fit the bill at the time for protection and loads of space for all the extra cables and other manner of support gadgets for working on the road. The cost of peace of mind was bulk as well as cost.

    When I recently purchased my 2013 MBP with Retina display the requirements changed because, in my opinion, the current technology does not need such precious care due to the lack of moving parts. Perhaps it's because I have learned to do more with less that I find this particular case line just right for my needs. I have both the 15-inch MBP and the 13-inch MB Air. I got one case for each. They are the cases that should have come in the box.

    If given some thought ahead of time I think these "sling sleeves" perform as advertised being a hybrid between a true laptop case and a minimalistic sleeve. As others have stated I can fit an iPad, a pad of paper, and some well thought items into the side pockets. The MBs have such great battery life that power does not even seem to be a concern except on extended travel. The metal used on the shoulder strap clasps was a bit overkill as I think plastic would have been sufficient. Aside from this nit-pic the case is near perfect for my use.

    For a rough and tumble student this may not be enough but for an office worker with occasional travel it's perfect. If you sail through your day rather than jet ski then this case is worth putting on your look list.

    Love 'em and I'd recommend this solution for epitomizing elegant essentials in laptop protection and utility.

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    Great Sleeve, cum bag with great extra features

    Really good as a sleeve (when hand straps not tucked away in hidden pocket) or a bag (either hand held via good padded handles or over shoulder with detachable shoulder strap) . Good padding all round, nice furry pocket for the laptop and numerous other pockets of differing size for other items. A nice extra is a special small zip at the bottom of the bag that means you can access the charging port to charge while the computer is in the bag which I like as protected whilst charging.

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    Nice in some ways, but zipper bad

    This is the second Incase 15" I've had. One for the late 2008 version unibody and the one for the MBP Retina Display. The case material itself is nicely made and its a minimal design, especially the Retina version but I like its compactness. However, both my cases had the top main zipper fail. Unacceptable. The first one went after a year. The latest one had one side of the zipper fail about the 2nd week and now about a year or so later the other side went. So you can use it, but it requires caution to make sure the MBP doesn't slide out. A case should provide some sense of security, not anxiety. Therefore I just can't recommend these.

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    Not very durable

    Its a nice bag and practical, but after less than a year the little bump that holds the shoulder strap to the bag eroded and i dropped the bag with the macbook in it, which caused a nice scratch on the display corner.

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