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    Useful and sexy!

    • Written by from Leichhardt

    I've recently bought one of these for my Retina MacBook Pro 15". I've read many places online that it mostly just saves space and looks cool, but many people have also mentioned that it doesn't really keep your MacBook much cooler. However I've noticed that my MacBook runs considerably cooler in this stand as well!. I often had the lid closed lying flat on my desk connected to a Thunderbolt Display and according to iStat my SSD and CPU would fluctuate between 50-60C and GPU would be around 60 C when I'm just using it for light work and browsing the net, etc. and even sometimes my fan would speed up to 2500 RPM on hot days. However since I got the BookArc my SSD has been hovering around 35 C, CPU around 40 and GPU between 45-50 C and my fans no longer speed up when just using my mac lightly! I'm more than impressed!!

    - Stylish minimalistic design.
    - Has a bit of weight to it; keeps MacBook sturdy on the desk.
    - Saves a lot of space (duh!)
    - Has cable management under the stand.
    - Silicone inserts can be replaced and bought from Twelve South.
    - Keeps MacBook MUCH cooler than lying flat on table.
    - You won't find any other MacBook stand that looks quite as good as this.

    - A little bit pricey for just a piece of aluminium; although the other alternatives and similar products cost about the same.
    - Stand is a little bit long and wide (has a large footprint than I expected), It would probably be about the length of a MacBook Air 11"

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    Excellent stand for MacBook

    • Written by from Plantation

    This simple, metal stand does an excellent job at holding my MacBook securely in place when I have it connected to a separate monitor and keyboard/mouse. When I bought it, I thought is was a bit pricey, but don't anymore. It is very stable and doesn't slip on my desk. It makes it very easy to connect my laptop when I get to work and disconnect at day's end. Well-designed product, well worth the money.

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    Excellent, Works Incredibly Well.

    • Written by from ROWLAND HEIGHTS

    This is a perfect companion to my new Retina MacBook Pro with my 27" LG monitor. I can run graphic intensive games on Boot Camp with full GPU dedication to my monitor.

    This stand fits perfectly and no WiFi problems as a fellow beforehand has mentioned. It saves a lot of room on my table, having this item stand up.

    The cable management slots are perfect! I have my HDMI cable, keyboard USB, power and audio cable run through them. It helps me organize the cables and avoids tangling them up.

    An excellent product and an excellent purchase if you are playing to run an external display.

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    Great design

    • Written by from BEAUFORT

    Solid, sturdy, attractive. It holds my 17 inch Macbook Pro in an upright position. Wish I had bought this years ago.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars


    • Written by from Oslo

    Looks cool, works well. It is really sturdy and holds my MBP 15 retina great, it doesn't tilt easily, witch i was afraid of. little bit pricey, but i needed the extra space since my desk is small. Over all a very good product! :D

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    Great space saver

    • Written by from Brooksville

    This stand holds my retina MBP beautifully and keeps my cat from sitting on it when I'm not using it. It also clears a lot of desk space. Almost as good as the Arc is the amazing box it comes in. This has got to be the nicest box I've ever seen. It's a great container for your mouse, charger when not in use, and other items you need within easy reach. Very happy with this purchase.

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    Exactly what I needed

    • Written by from Markham

    Using it on my 15" retina MBP, and it's just what I wanted. Frees up space, looks fresh, and doesn't wobble or anything like that. highly recommended

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    Simply Perfect

    • Written by from Henderson

    This is great for someone who has a desk with a monitor on it and needs extra space. It is built in what seems to be the same material as the mac computers, is heavy enough to hold your mac without it wobbling and possibly falling off, and also looks great. This is a must own for anyone with a Macbook.