• 2.0 out of 5 stars

    Frequent reconnect and own app only

    Love the idea of a battery-saving second screen. When it works, it's great. However, it seems I must make my iPhone forget the Bluetooth device completely (in the phone's Bluetooth settings), then reconnect it in the Wahoo Fitness app to get it all working. That's a bit of a nuisance to do before every biking trip. (Maybe other active Bluetooth devices are bothering the connection? But it does not help to turn those other things off.)
    Besides, it does not work as promised with my main fitness app, Runkeeper: I only get a Runkeeper logo screen om the RFLKT, no information about speed, time etc.
    I'm too late to return the RFLKT, so I use these workarounds, but am less impressed with the reality than with the potential.

  • 2.0 out of 5 stars

    Works well, but short battery life

    I use RFLKT+ with Cyclemeter on iPhone 5s. Easy Bluetooth connection and stats were consistent with my Cateye that I used for comparison of the new device. The battery in RFLKT lasted five trips (around 250 miles). Changing the battery is no fun, with four tiny screws and an o-ring gasket that just doesn't want to slip on correctly. I'm hoping the 1st battery was a fluke, but I'm seeing comments that report similar experiences on this forum. If the second battery dies as quickly, I"ll rate this product an F and move on.

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    Works okay, but battery life is appalling!

    I've used several bike computers including iPhone based, and dedicated. This is a pretty functional bike computer considering I always have my phone with me. That said, it seems to load its configuration from the phone app every time it starts. This is minor compared to the battery life issue. I've had to replace the battery multiple times in a month period. Battery life improved a bit after an upgrade of the software, but not enough to eliminate the device failing in the middle of a ride.

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    kills battery

    Great product in terms of functionality. It does everything I wanted it to do. But it completely drains the phone battery at a rate that makes me panic. I don't like having to worry about not having a phone available if need be. If all your rides are under 3 hours you'll be fine as long as you are not also trying to listen to music or use the GPS on your phone.

    There is nothing more annoying than having put a 50 mile ride in and having your phone die and all the data lost on the last 2 miles!

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    Good in concept

    Rflkt is a great idea but in practice is clunky and adds complexity. GPS vs odometer vs google maps (bike routing)differ by about 20%, the battery drain on the phone makes it useful only for rides under a few hours, and there is no smoothing of data inputs. As an example of the latter, it thinks I had a peak cadence of 209 on my commute. I wish the display had more flexibility.

    On the plus side I appreciate dropbox sync and access to the raw data so I can do further processing.

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  • 2.0 out of 5 stars

    basically just a remote display for your iPhone

    As far as i can tell, this device does not have GPS, accelerometer, altimeter, or any other kind of measurement capability. It basically just reports what your phone is measuring.

    On my first mountain bike ride, my battery dropped from about 100% to about 60% with just about 1 hour of riding (iPhone 5).

    Just think of how long your battery might last if you use your iPhone for GPS navigation on a road trip if you are not actively charging it.

    I'm swtiching back to a dedicated GPS device so i have some phone battery life available in case of emergency out on the trail.

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  • 2.0 out of 5 stars

    I wanted so badly to love this

    I really REALLY wanted to love this product because I highly value innovative companies like Wahoo and the RFLKT seemed like such a great idea.

    It dropped the connection to my phone during my one and only ride which was annoying, but forgivable. After owning it for less than a week, the RFLKT unit is totally dead. Tried resetting it to no avail, so back it goes.

    A disappointing experience with a product that had so much potential.

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