• 3.0 out of 5 stars

    Slow reactivity with GPS

    the GPS reactivity for speed is very lagging behind.
    This might not be the fault of the device but still enjoys when comparing to Polar RC3 or a Garmin
    Had as well several crashes of the app or device with training data loss

  • 3.0 out of 5 stars

    Has the potential, but not there yet

    I love the concept of the rflkt+ but in practice I have found it to be frustrating. I think with time and software updates it will mature.

    With an iPhone 4s I managed to get through 100% battery in 3 hours. With strava or wahoo fitness alone I manage to get a 5 hr ride and still have 40%+ remaining. Also with the phone in the back pocket it regularly disconnects, which sometimes takes a while to notice and you lose your data for that period (I have a duotrap speed/cadence sensor). People say move it but it is hard to find a decent jersey with a front pocket, and what am I suppose to do with all my other jerseys? A guy I cycle with has a garmin 500, and although it can also be frustrating (slow) it is less so than the rflkt+

    On a side note one of the rflkt mounts with the rubber bands holds the iPhone nicely up the front. My saddle bag is too small for my phone and but did try another and it still disconnected.

    True price = reflkt+ (£109) + jersey with front pocket (£50) or quad lock mount (£50) so £159

    I think it's a product that should be closer to £70 and have a better Bluetooth antenna.

    Personally I wish I'd waited to see if it matures and put up with a basic display and an ant+ dongle for my phone.

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    Buggy but Useful

    I have now used the RFLKT unit for over 20 rides. I like the ability to customize the screens, the ability to keep the iPhone more secure (not mounted on handlebars), and the compact design. I had a bear of a time getting it to not freeze during the first 15 rides. It would just stop reading the iPhone data from Runmeter. When I finished riding, after a minute or so, it would usually give me the summary after I had selceted DONE on the iPhone app. Wahoo customer service is terrible, and Abvio (Runmeter) is not alot better. Yesterday I downloaded a firmware update for the RFLKT and for the first time in a month it made it through the ride reporting data in real time. If it continues to not freeze, it will be a great investment. If not, it makes a great activity (cycling) very frustrating, kind of the opposite you want to to feel on the bike.

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