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    Needs quality control!!

    I purchased one dozen single pack Hue light bulbs after falling in love with the starter kit. Much to my dismay, only half of the light bulbs "worked". Sure, they lit up, but they were not recognizable by the Philips Hue Hub. When they work - they are wonderful, but I wish that half of mine had not been DOA!

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    A product to love - in theory

    Whilst in general a very cool product (bulbs do exactly what they are supposed to do, such as creating very nice lighting scenes, dimmable, light up on arrival at home, etc.) I have encountered severe quality issues. Out of 9 bulbs in my home, a total of three have now died already (within 6 months). While they were eventually replaced (which took forever as you had to mail them to Philips), the app does not allow to delete any bulbs, so I have three defective (non-existing) light bulbs in all my scenes. Only way to fix is a complete reset, which completely deletes all you scenes and all shares. This is unacceptable for such expensive product.

    Philips really has great ideas for products, but is extremely bad in making reliable, well manufactured, enduring objects. Its a 60 bucks bulb that comes with an incredibly bad app and even worse quality.

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    Brace yourself for spending countless hours tinkering with the settings

    While I found the idea behind Philips Hue great, the software provided, as well as the Hue website are awful. Luckily 3rd party apps that make better use of these light's astounding capabilities are coming up. Still, get prepared to spend countless hours tinkering with the settings and your control over the lights failing just when you need it most. This is the second great Philips product I own that is impaired by substandard software.

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    I was really excited to purchase the Hue system. It promised so much. Indeed it can do many things, as long as you have your phone on you. Otherwise they are very expensive white bulbs. Anytime you switch the lights off at the wall (kids, Grandparents etc etc) then when switched back on, they simply come on bright white. I can't believe there is no way to alter the default setting. Likewise, why can we not have a default scene?

    Good idea, poorly executed.

    Furthermore, the GU10 bulbs are so long the probably won't fit in your existing fittings.....

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