• 3.0 out of 5 stars

    Issues with setup

    Had some trouble getting the hub to recognize some of the Hue bulbs. also, there is no way to remove a bulb from the hub in the APP so if you want to remove a bulb from view, you have to completely start over from scratch and reset the hub so that was not thought out well as all programming of scenes are lost if you want to remove a single bulb from the system.

    Also, out of the 12 bulbs I purchased, only 7 of them we successfully recognized by the hub. the other 6 I tried to add manually via serial number but that failed as well so I had to return those. Only 6 of 7 the hub recognized were controlled properly by the APP and the other one while it was showing up in the APP, I was unable to control it and as I mentioned above, I'm unable to remove it now without having to start over from scratch.

    As I'm a lighting designer by trade and consider myself very technical, overall the system (once its working properly) is very cool but configuring it was not very flexible and needs a lot of improvement.

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  • 3.0 out of 5 stars

    Mostly Good and Great Wow Factor When Everything Works

    As part of our effort to replace every lamp possible in our home with modern LEDs, we got the HUE system for the living room. Immediately added to the starter pack and now have 7 lamps, mostly in recessed cans. When first purchased they worked great with Ambify to turn the room into a disco -- not so much since subsequent updates of IOS or some other app on the phone, not sure what. I have not tried Philips support but I do find the startup app companies building businesses around it (Ambify, Goldee) slow to respond, if at all, to tech support questions posted on their web sites.

    I find it relatively easy to add bulbs though sometimes I have to move the bulb to a previously recognized (geographic) location for my bridge to recognize it. We have experienced frequent loss of bridge connectivity, where sometimes we have to turn off all the switches, turn them back on, reboot the bridge, fumble with the order of that, etc. Overall we love it though and the main inconvenience is the lack of a good simple wall controller so we don't always have to use the phone apps. Goldee is supposed to solve that but seems delayed getting to market. We tend to use mostly a few favorite saved and modified scenes (some based on photos of our own), and the default relax and concentrate settings. Dimming is what I've come to expect with LEDs: not very fine-grained, but it does work overall -- when things are working in general.

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  • 3.0 out of 5 stars

    Great product!

    I only gave it 3 stars as it's the average of 5 stars for the lights and set up. But, only one star for the app. I can only hope that Philips will improve the app over time. And, as new as it is....I'm sure they will. They will just need more feedback from real life users. In time, I'm sure I'll be able to give it 5 stars. Improve the UI. Organize the app by page....each page will be a different room/light. The opening page will be an "all lights" control. Then, organize each successive page by the user as to rooms or collections of lights. I've had this kit all of 2 hours....so, this review is based on my limited experiences as of today only.

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