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    Works in Europe, But Caution

    • Written by from East Hanover

    I am rating this a 2 for very specific reason, it does not have a grounding connection on the adapters.

    I went to Zurich, Switzerland, Athens & Crete, Greece recently(March/April 2015), at all 3 locations, my macbook "buzzed" when I was touching it while charging

    This is 100% due to no grounding in the plug bug. I replaced the plug bug with a long cable that has the european connector with grounding and the buzz went away.

    The USB worked well, however, my iPhone experienced the same buzz as my mac did while charging both at the same time.

    This is an expensive adapter to not have grounding.

    I do NOT recommend purchasing.

    Make sure whatever you buy has a grounding connector. Looks like a square metal spring tab at edge of european plug.

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