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    This case was the only holder with any sort of attachment at the Apple store, so I bought it so I could run with it. I never made it out running.

    First of all, the case is so tight and sticky, that getting the nano in and out is nearly impossible. Second, you MUST take the nano out to sync it with iTunes! There is no slot in the case that you can pass the cord through.

    In addition, the basic headphones that come with the nano have no controls on them, so you must use the controls on the unit itself for volume/pause/play/skip ahead. Controlling the unit through the case is ridiculously difficult.

    Wait for something better.

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    Nano doesn't fit

    I purchased this armband; the new iPod nano doesn't fit. Also it is very difficult to adjust the song selection. I hope they come out with something else.

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    Avoid this version of the Incase armband

    We have carried iPods in Incase armbands at the gym for years. However, this version for the new iPod is really worthless. There is no cut-out for the charging cable, so you need to wrestle the iPod in and out of the armband - not easy - every time you use it. The volume controls on the side of the iPod are not usuable while the iPod is in the armband. So, if one song is loud, and another soft, or if you just want to dial it up while running, say, you have to stop, struggle to get the iPod out, just to change the volume. My new iPod is sitting home and I'm back to taking an older one to the gym, because this case is useless.
    Oh, and I'm hardly Arnold, but the strap is too short for my arms. I'm 5'8", 175. So, wearable for the smaller person but not an average guy.
    I bought 2 of these for Christmas, and wasted the money. Don't do the same.

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    - Extremely difficult to take in and out
    - Cannot charge the nano when it is in the case.
    - Biggest of all, have no access to the volume buttons when it is the case

    Overall very disappointed. I''d look elsewhere for a good armband for your new nano.

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    Created by Non-Exercisers

    The perfect armband--if you don't work out. I'm guessing that the people who created this go for sweet little walks where their songs perfectly match their workout and the volume is always perfectly equalized.

    1. When running, I can't change the volume by using the buttons on the side, which means I have to stop, push the activation button and change the volume through the too-thick plastic. If other people can do that while running, then you are fantastically coordinated. I, however, am not.

    2. I tried forwarding to another song, and the plastic made that control almost inoperable, as it just kept fast-forwarding through the song.

    3. I have small hands--like, a 4.5 ring size--and even I struggle with getting the iPod out of the case.

    4. For $30 and after years of armband technology, you'd think this company could have figured this stuff out by now. It's not like we're in 1999, and I need to access the wheel of my iPod 1. Come on.

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    Hard to use
    Can't use the volume buttons
    Seams came apart after couple months of use

    It's just a really bad product

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    Nano running case is no good

    I got this to run when I purchased my new nano. It hurts my arm, rubs to open skin. It is very difficult to use controls through the cover, impossible during run. I have tried this for a month now, I give up. It is a really bad product.

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    I have had the gen 1 nano this whole time and have been running with nike+ I own three cases for that nano all were functional. This case is not functional. You cant use the volume or the screen button or plug it on while still in the case. and if you are running with it and want to skip a song it takes like a min to get the screen lit again because you have no access to the button. poor design also while brand new strings were no trimmed from the stitching. I would avoid this void product

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    Don't buy this if you're a runner

    The design is flawed. You can't adjust the volume or charge it while it's in the armband. The plastic front is thick and loose making it difficult to use the touch screen features.

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    Waste of Time

    This thing is useless. Once the Nano is in the case it's hard to do anything with it. I can't see the screen. What are you supposed to do with the headphone cord? Just let it hang? Amazon has better choices.

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    Was only able to use it a few months....the velcro started breaking apart from the neoprene material. Why doesnt Apple make its own Armstrap anymore is beyond me. I still have my white armbands for previous versions from SJobs...=)...

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