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    Great Ipod sports armband!

    I needed a good gym armband for the new ipod my wife gave to me on Christmas and this seemed to be the only kind available. While I agree with most customer reviews about how tight it is making it very difficult to get the ipod in and out of the sleeve, however the reality is that it gets much easier with time. I have been using mine almost daily for 3 months and it slips in and out quite easily now. I perspire quite a bit while working out at the gym so I just make it a habit to remove my ipod after most workouts in order to let the armband dry out properly. It's no big deal!

    Adjusting the volume without taking it out of the sleeve can be easily done by touching the ipod button and screen. It works perfectly through the arm band window. Again, it's no big deal!

    Lastly, as a sports armband it is awesome. Fastens very securely to any part of my arm. It does not move or come loose no matter how intense the workout.

    For me this armband does exactly what it was designed and intended for. A great product!!

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    works great for what its designed to do

    I bought an IPOD strictly for running and working out with music so obviously i needed an arm band too. It works great for what its designed to do! A lot of people are putting this product down because "Oh i cant charge it in the armband" or "i cant control it in the armband"??? First off its designed to be in use when in the armband not charging and second buy different head phones then! It is a tight fit but thats a good thing! That way it wont fall out when im running. To get it out of the case just peel the clear cover off the screen and it comes right out. It does let the sweat in though so make sure you pull out the nano after or let it dry some where where it wont stay wet for a long time it dries faster with nano out. Its comfortable and it works good for what i use it for!

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    Pretty good case

    This case is pretty good. It definitely holds the IPOD snug and won't go flying off. The down side to having to remove the IPOD to charge it is to get out your hobby knife, single edged razor blade or carpet knife and cut a rectangular hole opposite to the earphone plug. Take care cutting as the material is pretty tough and you don't want to cut through the front as well in your enthusiasm. Works great. Also, the volume can be controlled from the front so one doesn't really need to access the buttons on the side. You have to push harder than if it wasn't in the case but it does work.

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