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    I suppose it works, but it's annoying.

    I received this as a gift, and figured I'd add something to the reviews here.

    - As others said, the iPod fits VERY snugly in the armband, and the only opening is for the headphone jack. The side volume buttons are completely inaccessible.
    - Very comfortable velcro strap, but it has a maximum circumference of ~15.5"... that means it should fit most arms, but be aware of that.
    - I don't have any problem navigating on the iPod while it's in the armband, the touchscreen works well through the protector. But not being able to use the volume buttons is really, really annoying, because you can't adjust the volume any other way if you've set a playlist through the Nike+ app.

    I keep using it because it sadly seems like the best available option after looking at the Griffin armband. When I put the iPod in upside down, the case is so snug it holds it anyway, and now I can charge/sync it without taking it out of the armband (but if it stretches out over time, this won't work). And if you use Sound Check while you exercise, the volume issue isn't so disastrous. But all-in-all, this design definitely needs improvement.

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  • 2.0 out of 5 stars

    Runners beware--case absorbs sweat!

    I purchased this armband with my new iPod (7th gen).
    After several runs (including 3 over 20km) I found the following:

    I found it very hard to see the screen and make any selections from the screen while running as the clear plastic/screen cover isn't very responsive, and it is a bad angle to view on one's upper arm.

    The iPod must be removed from the case to charge it, and the iPod doesn't slide in or out easily.

    Most significantly, the neoprene wicks sweat INTO the case. 20 minutes into a run, the iPod started making random changes (skipping tracks, pausing the workout etc) as sweat had started to bead up on the front of the screen, between the screen and the case and this moisture was sensed by the ipod as a selection. Granted, I was running in Miami, and it was hot and humid, but it wasn't raining. nThat night, my iPod flickered on and off while charging, as my sweat had seeped into the unit itself. Back to the apple store where they generously accepted the return of my arm band and then exchanged my dysfunctional iPod! I should mention that I also had an invisible shield on the iPod.

    Hope this review helps other runners out there who don't want to kill their iPods in 20-30 minutes of running!

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  • 2.0 out of 5 stars

    Really tough to use

    No access to Lightning port, hard to get response through plastic cover, and difficult to get iPod in and out of case. I would avoid this one. The armband is comfortable, though.

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