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    I love this case but...

    • Written by from Gardena

    I absolutely love this case. I have had it for about 9 months now, in hot pink. The hot pink looks awesome with my gold iPhone 5S. The design makes it relatively thin and aesthetically pleasing in addition to being very protective. I have dropped my phone more times than I can count, and this band has saved it. It is extremely durable and keeps the phone safe.

    I moved from at Otter Box to this case, because I was sick of always choosing functionality and durability over style and aesthetics.

    I do have two complaints though:
    1. I am on the website today, as I need to purchase a new one. In almost 10 months, the color has faded so drastically that it no longer looks as awesome as it once did, and is now very dull dark pink and looks somewhat like a dirty eraser.

    2. The plastic cover that protects the back of the phone is a seperate piece and scratches quite easily.

    So, in order to keep the aesthetics of the case and phone, I have to buy a new one after a lot of wear and tear.

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Adequate protection but does not work with a lightning dock

    • Written by from Riverside

    The Impact band is well designed and provides adequate protection. The patented material is solid.

    I have a Bose Soundock with the lightning to 30-pin adapter. Unfortunately it does not work with the Impact Band because of the thickness of the band near the lightning connector.

    This is a fair compromise. I would rather have my phone protected.

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    Worked well!

    • Written by from Dulce

    I like this case because it is very light and minimalistic. I have dropped my iPhone a few times now and the case has protected it against damage.

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