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    WiFi Solved

    As a managed service provider it's important that we provide our customers with reliable solutions that have flexibility to adapt to changing business needs. We've tried many wireless solutions with mixed results. We landed on AeroHive mainly for its centralized management, reliability, and simplistic approach to an enterprise wireless solution. The bundled software, security reporting, and countless ways to configured according to our customers’ needs are all icing on the cake.

    We don't hesitate to recommend AeroHive AP121's to schools, medical offices, retail locations, or large offices with Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policies in place.

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    great products!!

    Been using Aerohive wireless for work and home. Very good stuff. This company is focused on Wi-Fi and you know you are going to get a good product that works. At work we have a very large deployment of Aerohive Wireless and everyone is quite happy.

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    The gold standard for business and education

    I've used Aerohive to power a school of 150 Macs and 80 iPads for a few years now. They are the gold standard in my experience. By eliminating controllers from enterprise WiFi, they are simple to deploy and manage. By eliminating controllers, you have also eliminated a bottleneck and single point of failure. The 121 is a great access point and the best choice for iOS deployments in schools.

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