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    I thought buying a charger/data sync cable directly from the Apple store would be of high quality, just as Apple holds to its own standards of products made by them.

    A longer charge/data sync cable is something many consumers need. Apple has yet to produce such a product and I doubt they ever will since they haven't to date. Thus, this leaves consumers with a hole in the market ecosystem in which we must seek out a third party product.

    Enter Belkin, backed and sold at Apple retail stores. The cord appears to be of good quality, perhaps even sturdier than Apple's own cords. The flaw in the design is that the cord is unable to securely stay connected to the 30-pin device. A little movement and the cord has already discharged its power supply and is either half way or all the way out of the device. This proves frustrating to constantly keep pushing it in.

    Also, of note, I had a problem with the USB staying connected to an Apple wall adapter. This happened only one time. The connection was "loose" even though it wasn't. I unplugged the wall adapter and the cord and reconnected everything. It hasn't happened again. (This was two weeks ago.)

    I've had this charger six weeks.

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